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Advice please?

I am 20 years old been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now we live together and i have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis before being diagnosed i started my periods at 11 ever since ive had periods so heavy and painful it affected my GCSE's college grades and work as i suffer from extreme tiredness and have ibs i also get very depressed about it and get extreme bloating. I was in and out of doctors from 11 years old untill now and just had a laparoscopy which then they diagnosed me with mild endo however i know its only mild i am still worried. They fitted the coil but it hasnt settled that well and are looking in to other options. My real question is as i want children should i have them at a young age around 23 as i may not be able to conceive if it spreads or leave it because its only mild i really need advice from someone as i am quite young and still need to do university and all this really does depress me and affects my relationship with my boyfriend

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Oh, poor you...

It's a bloody horrible thing :-(

Mild endo shouldn't stop you getting pregnant, but the longer you leave it the less chance you have.

I would suggest you worry about it in a few years time... I was diagnosed at 26, after years of trying to find out what was wrong... Had two pregnancies before that (but I had to not have them). I've had two Laps, and as I my last one they said there would be no problem having kids. It's not on my agenda... But was reassuring to know! I'm 30, and the last lap (in sept) was the first time the docs said I should really start to think about it of I wanted kids. Another friend has endo, and she is 36.... She's just got married and wants a family... So she's trying for 6 months and then doing IVF of it doesn't work...

Basically there are lots of options... Life is stressful enough without worrying about what happens in three years time! Look after yourself, and be happy... I know for me stress is one of the big triggers for pain and tiredness!!



Thank you for response and advice and yer stress is a trigger for me but would you advices laser treatment if my coil didn't settle it? Xx


I am in the same situation, i am due to have a laparoscopy and am worried about how bad the endo, if it is endo, is going to be. The longer you leave it the more it will grow and you would have to have another laparoscopy to clear the endo again. Having saying that, it will only affect your fertility if it is blocking your tubes (so iv heard) and most people do not have a problem with fertility (40% do) - plus theres always ivf and other options to help you. However, i'm not sure personally, if I would want to wait for 'help' as it may work by the times im ready! My mum had troubles conceiving and i am so like her, so i would rather just have a child early than have the stress of not being able to conceive. It is a very big thing to think about. I didnt want children until about 26 but if my results come back bad i will probably move it to 22 or 23. Do what you think is right for yourself and bear in mind being able to afford and raise a child and any relationship strain it may cause. My partner is not ready for a child (neither of us are yet) but he is willing to support me in having a child early should i need to. You need to make sure you have support in place aswell in either decision you make x


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