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Visit to consultant after Laparoscopy

I had my Laparascopy last Saturday(29th June) and this morning I had my first visit with the Gyno since. I knew that he had found endo but that was it.

He said my uterus and tubes are clear, which i guess is good. However, he found a large bloody cyst on my right ovary (have had mutlipe scans and this never showed), lots of dark little cysts on the wall behind my uterus, and endo (looks like spider web) joining my bowel to my uterus.

He said that he had removed it all but I would definatley need a full hysterectomy in the future. He then discussed the pros and cons of the treatment avaible (going to go for the coil) and that was that.

Well, I was and still am a liitle (alot) freaked out by this news. I thought I woud just a have a tiny bit, i have only been getting pain for the last year, not long in endo terms and guess that i have gotten it diagnosed and treated in a very short space of time.

We had always planned for more children, not yet. Ours are 9 and 10, and i am only 29, so when there go off to uni say 8-9 years we wanted to have another 1 or 2,

I am just a little freaked out by this news and really trying to hold it together but can seem me coming apart at the seems



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Hi Ria,

When I read your blog I saw so many similarities to what I went through. I had my laparoscopy on the 15th June and the consultant came in to me the next day and just blurted out that I have stage 4 endo effecting my uterus, both ovaries and bowel -initially I was told I had an ovarian cyst and it was very straightforward. I was simply told what my treatment would be - 6 months of prostap followed by more complicated surgery and an MRI at some point along the way. It leaves you feeling shocked and confused....I still don't think it's fully sunk in with me, but I totally understand the freaking out bit!! I'm 31 and don't have kids yet so I have no idea what's going to happen in the future...I got a date for my follow up appointment and it's in january!! I'm pushing for one sooner of course but its tough tk get talking to someone to set one up.

All I can say is that you've come to the right place....since I was diagnosed I have posted several questions (I have plenty of them!) And the girls on here are great. You get honest advice from people who have already been through it, and great support with it. Whatever questions you have most can be answered on here (I've got more help on here than from my consultant and gp combined!) And sometimes its just great to be able to have a rant and know that people who understand more than anyone else are listening.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that there are people here to give you that little bit of extra support if you do feel like you're falling apart....you're not alone!!

Take care....sending hugs!!

Ciara x x


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