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Endo and stomach aches/cramps and hardly any period

Hi Girls, Just wondered if anyone can help me! I had endo treated in Feb as i has endo in my pouch of douglas, (between uterus and bowel), i also have blocked tubes (clubbed).

I get really awful pains in my left side of stomach just below ribs, and a lot of general tummy pains regularly.

About every week to ten days i get an upset stomach- like today ive been 9 times in 2 1/2 hours is this normal ?????? It makes me feel drained.

Also Im on the pill three months taking it then have a period, when i have a period, i hardly bleed, I was expecting this to be really bad after not having a period for three months, but its hardly anything, Any idea's ladies ??

Thankyou :)

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Please see your GP it is not normal to be on the loo 9 times in a day never mind 2.5 hrs.

I am assuming this is for a bowel movement rather than difficulty peeing.

Under your left ribs are your stomach, pancreas, and 1 kidney.

It could be a reaction to the meds you are on, it could also be an infection or a reaction to foods your have eaten. Keep a diary of exactly what you have consumed and each trip to the loo and what happens when you go and whatever mds you are taking and when.

There might be somethng very straight forward that's causing your upsets but there are things that can be checked out by the GP, like coeliac and infections.

Another possibility to watch out for is a gall stone on the right hand side gall bladder that might have moved across to the pancreas and caused pancreatitis which certainly can be painful and cause oily looking runny poo.

There's lots of things it can be besides being endo related, and more likely infact not endo related at all, nevertheless it needs a GP to start the ball rolling if you can manage to get a sample collected in a poo pot or cleaned out jam jar with secure lid before you go, that will speed up the process of checking.

Early advice is to keep hydrated, you can buy rehydration sachets at the chemists which you mix with water and swallow. or fizzy lemonade left so the fizz has all dispersed, will also act as a good rehydration aid.

Best of Luck....not nice at all and you have my sympathies.


I'm also assuming you mean bowel movement, I have endo and microscopic colitis was diagnosed with both in 2010. I get a lot of abdominal pain on my right side from my ribs down to my hip and thigh. I have very watery diarrhoea and have experienced regular urgent trips to the loo. Some of the medication i was on for endo was causing it. If continues I'd go to your doctor.


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