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Pain back after lap :(

I had my lap 3 weeks ago and they lasered the endo away. They found a bit in the pouch of douglas.

Yay, I thought, the pain will go. But I thought it was building up over the last few days and tonight it's quite bad. To be brutally honest, the pain is less.. scale of 2/3 compared to probably 7-8-10 but I really thought most of it will be gone. (My pain is most intense about 1 week before period which maybe related to my ovulating)

Does this mean I will have to back on more painkillers? I expect the pain to get worse as I am trying and I know I will need ovulation induction (ie more estrogen in my body = more endo) so I'm kinda a bit sad tonight.

Can I just check that your pain reduces but doesn't go away after a lap? I'm worried they may have missed some of it and the leftovers are going nuts in my body.

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Hiya, from my experiences, the pain never goes away completely. It reduces dramatically like you said. So I don't think your pain is anything to worry about. Keep an eye on it though and if it goes back to being as intense as before I would head back to your doctor if I were you. Good luck with everything xx


I too had this done a few weeks ago and a lot of it was in the pouch of dougals, I think it was about 5 days later it felt like a pressure and was unbearable but all is ok now

I sat on a hot water bottle for a day, sounds stupid but it worked

defo go and see you doctor


I had the same after my first lap, the area that had been lasered away, pouch of douglas area was very painful for weeks, was given antibiotics in case of infection but it was probably inflammed and eventually went away but took about 5 weeks rather than 2 I thought it would, nobody told me that might happen but month later saw consultant who said that was normal.


thanks everyone, i now have SEVERE cramps and going to start some tramadol soon. i can't believe the pain is still here :(


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