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Hi all, I had results today from my scan which revealed a large polyp on my endometrial lining, I am being referred to a gynaecologist for further testing. I am also attending an internal scan in 2 weeks for further investigation. I am worried that they will treat this and not

listen to the fact that I am in so much pain. I don't know much about polyps but I know that they don't cause the amount of pain that I seem to have on a daily basis. I have pelvic pain, heavy periods which last for 7-8 days with a lot of clots. My doctor said that it could be endo and once they have done the internal scan they will know more.

Do you think I am being slightly fobbed off ? reading all your posts I can relate to them all as it seems a lot of the symptoms I have are similar to that of endo.

What do you think I should be saying to the gynaecologist to make him understand that what am feeling is not just a polyp.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!!x

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I don't read it that you are being fobbed off, it sounds pretty standard practice.

Take details of your symptoms in to your appointment, including dates of when you have been bleeding and when you have had time off work because of it. Also, try and rate your pain levels through the month to give a more accurate picture of what you are experiencing. It's much better to be able to explain the type of pain (e.g. Stabbing, dragging, sharp, ache etc) as this kind of description can be very useful to the Dr.

You also need to have a look at the main Endo UK site, or endo resolved, and look at the diagnosis of endo sections and then you can discuss your options with the consultant: e.g. Hysterescopy for the polyp vs laparoscopy for investigation.

Good luck and be positive. Unfortunately it's often a long wait from symptoms starting to diagnosis (average is 7 years, mine was around 15 years) but once you start on the gynie track things often happen quicker.



I agree with above. I am having a laparoscapy and hysteroscopy in two weeks to look for a polyp in my womb. They know i have a fibroid cyst in my womb and i have a history of Endo. Just explain your symptons. The surgeon told me that my bleeding in between periods was due to the cyst and i may have a polyp. I have suffered with Endo, polycystic overies for 20 years but did have it lasered and i was pain free for 13years. There is hope!!! Xx


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