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Endo on and around the bladder?

I had my second lap back in December and I've just been referred for another for a few reasons; my husband and I are trying to conceive and we still haven't yet(about 2 years now) but also my GP is now concerned that the endo has already come back and is growing around my bladder. In the last couple of months I've started suffering with irritable bladder and it is at its worst (meaning, whether I do or not, I feel like I need the loo all the time) when I'm ovulating and when I'm on my period. Has anyone else had this? It seems its just one thing after another with this condition! I'm dreading more surgery as its painful and disruptive! Feel a bit alone in all this even though my husband is brilliant.

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Hi there, when my symptoms started I was having constant problems with my bladder. In the months before my lap I had a persitant 'bladder infection' which antibiotics weren't helping, constant pain and was generally feeling very uncomfortable. When they had a look they found endo all over my bladder and removed it all (seeing the 'after' pic was quite a shock!). It took quite a while for the soreness to go away and going to the toilet was very painful. As I healed this went away and so did the feeling of needing to go to all the time. Although I still get some suspicious stinging every now and again which sets me on edge thinking it's going to happen again, things have been so much better and I haven't had any more problems in that area.

I hope you can get help with it and I wish you all the best with your referral and trying to conceive x


Yes! This is exactly what I have and the first thing my GP has done is refer me for a internal scan to start the elimination process to see if there are fibroids, cysts then I guess if nothing can be seen there the next step would be to go to gynnee and another lap but yes it just seems endless!Ive, been given antibiotics for 'bladder infection' but tests are negative, my GP explained that the antibiotics can appear to temp help because they also reduce inflammation. Good luck with your treatment x


Thanks for the replies ladies. Over the years this condition has thrown up so many weird problems, it's good to hear that I'm not going mad! xx


Yep me too,I get bloated constantly feel like I need to pee, infections etc. I have opted for the moment to try and live with it rather than more surgery. Now I'm off HRT hopefully it won't flare up again, good luck Hun x


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