Me-1 endo-0!

So I normally don't write a post unless I've got something new to worry/moan about. However today I'm feeling so positive!! I have just found out that despite everything I have been awarded a first for my ba(hons) degree. It's been such a huge boost and made me think that I can actually achieve things despite my illness. During my four year degree there were many times where I felt like giving up- I missed so much valuable lecture time due to pain and commuted 6 hours a day in order to continue seeing my consultant. The amount of times I was in tears on that bloody train! I have only recently been diagnosed so I also spent a lot of time trying to justify myself to others and wondering whether it was all in my head.

I am now struggling to work full time hours and was feeling guilty and disappointed in myself. However now I have received my results I feel like I should be celebrating positives rather than dwelling on negatives. I have beaten endo once and I'm determined I will continue to win these battles!! X

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Well done!!! What did you study? x

Wow well done!! That's amazing and knowing you must have had bad days and struggled its even more amazing! Never feel bad for struggling on bad days, I run my own business and I found it frustrating to not be able to do as much as I used to, but now I do as much as I can on good days and make the most of it and if I can't do as much another day I just accept it as the more I stressed about it the worse I felt. So don't think about bad days focous on how great you are on good days as you must be to have achieved a first!! Enjoy celebrating and be proud of yourself! X

Thank you ladies! I read business with a focus on international hr and equality and diversity- think it might come in handy after reading about how much people on here come up against in the workplace! Lillyflower wow that's very inspiring! I was thinking I need to find a sympathetic employer - perhaps working for myself is the way to go!! Currently weighing up the pros and cons and wondering whether its worth a couple of days of pain for a glass of champers to celebrate! X

I'd would score that result as You 10/endo nil. Well done indeed.

Well done love. Twice as hard for you to achieve with endo we all know this!!! Xx

Congratulations! That's brilliant news :) x

Congratulations to you. You should be so proud of yourself! This post has made me feel alot more positive too; I am in the final year of my degree and due to all the health crap I've gone through in the last year will be completing my degree later than my peers in August. It's been hard having total faith in myself at times as I see others working hard and reaping great results. This post has reminded me that this pain is manageable, that it won't beat me and that I WILL get there in the end! Well done you! :)

Thankyou everyone! Means a lot :)

Hope22 your message made me smile! Huge congratulations to you too for making it! What's a couple of extra months for everything you've gone through! It's certainly a frustrating time... Especially when friends leave things to the last min and still have more time to complete things than we do because of pain/post op recovery etc. It sounds like your university are encouraging which is fantastic. Only a few more months for you :). I have to say following the endo diet was a huge help to me during the final months and was the only reason I actually made it to my exams which of course had to fall at the worst time of the month! Just a thought if its something which may help you. Good luck for the final slog! X

Well done, massive congratulations x Nice to hear a positive story, I'm sure it will give many people hope

Hi I would definitely enjoy a glass of bubbly !! And yes working for myself is great especially on a bad day. I do as much as I need to but if I need to sit and do nothing or leave early I can without anyone to answer to. I run a wedding shop making dresses so I have strict deadlines but I have a lady who will come and help if needed so that's how I've managed. Having deadlines has sometimes helped to take my mind of the pain as I know things have to be done then go home and rest as much as possible. Starting my own business 10 years ago was the best thing I've done and couldn't go back to being employed now. its not easy at times but if you have the strength to get a first for your degree ( I didn't !! Lol) then your strong enough to do anything you put your mind to! For now enjoy your results give yourself a well deserved rest xx

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