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A year later after being diagnosed with endo and still unbelievable pain! Argh!!

I'm 20 years old and was diognoised with Endo this time last year, I was in and out of hopsital for years but they were unable to find out what was wrong ! Finally they discovered it was endo ! I had most removed by op and was told my endo was now moderate, but still in excruciating pain ! Also in my last check up I had an internal scan in which they found new cysts Which are causing pain and very bad bloating ! I was put on the marina coil to try and help with my symptoms of endo but 7 months later and I still bleed almost every day and pain is still freqent, does anyone else have this problem ?!! It is driving me mad especially as the docs "don't know what to do next" as I'm young they don't want to do anything that will reduce my fertility ! I hope they come up with something soon !! Can't take it much longer !!

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Hi it took me 10 months for the mirena coil to work and stop the bleeding of course everyone is different, it was worth the wait I don't bleed at all now. It sounds like you need to get a second opinion as the docs don't have an idea what to do xx


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