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Post 1st lap help??

Hi, so I finally had my first lap on Monday after it was cancelled twice before. Surgeon found endo on surface of ovaries, tendons and back of uterus but said he would class it as mild and has removed it all. Left tube also wouldnt let dye in but he said that could mean it either went into spasm or narrows slightly and can be dealt with if necessary as right tube is fine. Recovery has been reasonably ok so far, didn't get gas pains till late tues and they were mainly in tum so drank peppermint tea a lot, had my first bowel movements x 3 weds pm which were quite loose and then thurs am x 3 diarrea...is that normal??? I was expecting to be constipated, anyone else get the opposite. I also bled a little on thurs which worried me as other than immediately after surgery I hadn't bled. My 1st period is due on tues however it appears to be coming today..sat..again is that normal or is it post surgery bleeding even tho not really had any until now?? Sorry to witter on but never been thru this before so would be good to hear from ladies that have. Other pain has been ok really, if I don't move it's fine and just feels sore around incisions apart from today where tum is dodgy again and it feels a bit like period pains starting. Any help/advice greatly appreciated xx

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i had my lap 2 weeks ago and was due on the day of the lap. My period started 2 days later but I also had a hysteroscopy at the same time (and they removed a fibroid).

Basically, your cycles are going to be a bit messed up so a few days late doesn't seem all that bad.

I was also warned about the constipation so ate lots of fruit (bananas, dates, apricots, the helpful kinds!) so had lots of loose stool for 2-3 days after. And I couldn't eat a lot as I didn't react well to general so there was that as well!

You seem to be recovering really quickly compared to me :)

rest and try not to do too much



Thanks for responding, yep guessed cycles would be messed up...according to my chart I'm due tues so its come a few days early meaning I've had a 23 day cycle but I guess stuff will settle down eventually. I too have little appetite but no doubt it will return with a vengeance...I could do with losing a few pounds anyway :o) maybe my looseness is how my body is getting rid of the gas who knows. I do feel quite lucky with my recovery which is why I think I keep expecting the worst. I have a very lovely other half who is doing everything so all I'm doing is lying around :o) How are you feeling now 2 weeks later? xx


i went back to work after a week but that's because i have a job where i can plan my own time. so that was quite nice. you get a bit insane from lying down after a while.

i get a bit tired from walking around still and still can't walk as fast but mostly am doing all the normal things. i'm not lifting anything heavy (no shopping/laundry :D).

The best thing really is to listen to your body and really don't push yourself too much even if you think you can do it. i was so exhausted after work this week, I really should have only been doing half days but I was trying to see if i could do a full day.



Yes I am going mad after only 5 days, but I work in a children's nursery so I'm off for up to 4 weeks and then going back part time my1st week.

Well done you for trying to get back to normal so soon but I'd have a nice relaxing weekend now if I were you :o) I couldn't imagine how I'd be going back next week! Just walking downstairs makes me need a nap.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery and don't do too much too soon x


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