Zoladex Injections

I'm after some advice please - was diagnosed with Endo last July after having a laparoscopy which turned into a laparotomy and 3 days in hosp. Had to learn about Endo very quickly - turns out I've had it since I was about 15.

I've been trying a lot of different medicines to help with the pain but the specialist suggested Zoladex. Was terrified about it but after completing my 6 injections its not actually been all that bad.

My question is what happens now - I've been doing lost of research but can't seem to see anywhere which tells me what to expect next. I know everyone is different but will my periods come back straight away? I'm going to Australia at the end of the year for a holiday so I'm really hoping things will settle before I go.

Any help or advise you can give would be great. Thank you so much.

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  • after laparotomy and zoladex i had the mirena start working and that for me was the best of all.

    my period returned as fast as it could after zoladex. 4 weeks after the last implant woulf have been due, i'd had it.

  • I was on zoladex last jan to last june, it was great. Then after I came off it everything went back the same again, it really made me more depressed, so I was put on Danozl tabs but my arm started to swell after 3mths, I finished the course & my doctor saw me again in may and I was put back on the zoladex injections for another 6months, july will be the 3rd one, but i'm also getting the mirena coil put @ the end of july. So if this helps after a break from the zoladex you can go on it again for 6 more months or as your going away you could get the coil inserted as this can be in for 5yrs, but as yet I don't know how well this works as this july will be my 1st time with the coil. The best of luck to. Takecare.

  • Thank you so much for your help and advice, I really appreciate it - I'm actually going back to the consultant today so I will ask questions regarding the coil.

    I hope that you are both ok and not suffering too much. Best wishes

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