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Hi I am new to using forums, I am after some advise. I am ttc with endo and adenomyosis

I was diagnosed with endometriosis 7 years ago and had many years of suffering. Luckily I have managed to have two beautiful boys aged 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. Over the past year the endo has come back with vengeance. I had a laparoscopy in december where the endo was removed but my consultant found that I also have adenomyosis. He told me I would need a hysterectomy. My husband and I have decided to try for another baby before having the hysterectomy. I had my mirena coil removed three months ago and since then I feel terrible. I have constant pain and tiredness and irregular bleeding. I am really keen to try for another baby but feeling this way I'm not sure how long I can take it. I need to think of my children who I am struggling to look after at the moment but I dont want to give up on my last chance of another child so soon. Has anyone been through anything similar? I would love to know if there is anything I can do to increase my chances of conceiving quickly or to reduce my symptoms whilst I am trying to conceive.

?Many Thanks xx

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Oh bless you, my heart goes out to you. Luckily fertility treatment resulted in me having twins and hubby and I only ever really wanted two kids so I never planned to try again but definately understand the struggling to look after them as mine came back a vengance too and I also reckon that's when the Adeno started too!

My advice would be don't rush into the Hysterectomy as I was told I didn't have a choice but then didn't do enough research first and now 8 months afterwards my symptoms are starting to return (although I suspect that's because it was done by local gynae who left my cervix rather than my old Endo specialist who helped me get pregnant!).

I wish I knew what to tell you to help...but other than getting under an Endo specialist if your not already then I'm not sure but just wanted you to know your not alone Hun. Have you thought about fertility drugs such as Clomid? Admittedly I turned into a hormonal wreck on them but am sure they helped me get pregnant quicker and then you can worry about the longer term treatment once you have completed your family.

Best wishes X


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