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Hi, I am due for my 3rd Lap and am on a long waiting list at the UCL hospital in London, I phoned today as my initial consultation was 4 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything back regarding another app for per op assessment and lap date, I was told there is a 4/6 month waiting list and that I won't have a date allocated until nearer the time. I can't cope with the pain anymore and wanted to know if there are any ways to get NHS to work quicker to get seen or has anyone had treatment outside the UK and was it successful? I would love to hear from you as I am feeling so low due the severity of my pain everyday.

Thanks x x

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Hi Tozzy. I don't have any advice really but just wanted to say I understand, I'm also waiting for an op at UCLH and am 4 months into the 6 month wait. I've been told I might get a date in July/August. Do you know if you're having any other specialists in your op? Mine is taking so long because I'm having 3 surgeons and they all need to be available on the same day, you might be lucky and get a date in 4 months if it's just gynae. I know it's really hard, and horrible having to wait so long, but you're being seen by some of the best endo specialists in the country so all I can say is it will be worth the wait xx


Hi Doodah,

Thank you for your kind message, I'm sorry your also in the same position as I am. I also have 2/3 specialists that will be required for my surgery.

I just feel down as I'm losing my job due to not being able to travel into work :( there terminating my contract on the grounds medical capabilities.

I wish you all the luck with your surgery god bless x x x


Yes I would suggest you ring the consultants secretary and explain how bad your are suffering, they might be able to hurry things along or they might not, give it a try x


Hi Kyla,

Thanks for your massage. I will ring them again. :)



Hi Tozzy,

I went to have the Coil fitted 3 weeks ago and my gyni found that my uterus was blocked so couldnt fit the coil. She told me that there was around a 6 month waiting list. I explained to her that I could not longer deal with the pain and that I couldnt wait 6 months. I'm also getting married in august and I just honestly explained how If things hadn't got sorted I wouldn't enjoy my wedding day.

That was on the Thursday and on Saturday morning I got a letter saying it was for the 19th (tomorrow). Only 4 weeks after my appointment, when I spoke to the hospital they said my gyni had put me through as urgent. I would really suggest that you ring up and explain how much pain your in.

Good luck with every thing xx


Hi Oliviarose,

I'm really happy to hear your having your lap today I hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery. I will definitely call them again, I did explain my situation but the woman I spoke to didn't seem interested at all :(

I wish you all the best for your wedding day hope its the most perfect day of your life :))



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