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Diagnosed with mild Endo yesterday after a Hysteroscopy but im not sure my symptoms coincide with the diagnosis????

after having a laproscopy, following pelvic pain, dizziness, missed or light periods and a distended gut, I had a Hysteroscopy yesterday to remove a polyp but was told, after the anaesthetic that it had come away itself but they have discovered some signs of mild endo but as my symptoms were not consistent with this they are going to look at my kidneys.

My question is do any other sufferers experience a distended tummy (mine is on my left side, think its the gut)???

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Hi yes this is one of my symptoms at the moment my stomach keeps swelling up and at some points it measures 4 - 6 inches larger I'm back for lap next Tuesday xx


I am glad they are being thorough with you.. I didn't know they could see signs of endometriosis from inside the womb in a hysteroscopy.... I wonder what signs these were?

Good luck


I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy at the same time. Just not convinced its my kidneys as my pain is predominantly pelvic, ovary area and gut (one side of tummy) I have suffered from IBS for many years x guess I will have to wait another 6 months for an appointment though :-(


Hope all goes well for you on Tuesday stace86 x


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