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day 7 after subtotal hysterectomy

Hello all, well following my op last Thursday I was allowed home on Saturday on the condition I did not do anything (easier said than done with 3 children!) Because I had an abdominal hysterectomy I have found that I have been in quite abit of pain particularly on the right side as this was where they had put the drain in after the op, I have found in the first few days I was exhausted and really couldn't do anything at all. My tummy still appears very swollen and bruised but today the pain has been alittle easier and I have been able to move around more. I am having to rely on friends to get the children to school and nursery and doing my household jobs for me as my hubby went back to work. I can no longer feel any of the pain I had before the op which makes me feel I definitely needed it.Just wondered what other peoples experiences of having this op are and what their recovery was like?xx

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I haven't had the same op, I had a laparotomy to remove endo and repair my tubes. This is how I found it:

Week 1: exhausted, listless, unable to do anything at all. Chronic constipation and gas - felt a lot better once that cleared.

Week 2: Felt so much better, did some bits and bobs around the house. Totally overdid it, then felt rotton again for a few days. Wound main cause of pain.

Week 3: Wound pretty much fine. Overdid it again though, and found myself very sore and tired. Pain mostly internal, from where the work was done. Sleeping 10-12 hours a night.

Week 4: Starting to go for 20 min walks and do some gardening. Still cannot lift anything without really knowing about it the next day. Generally feeling good though.


Hi there I'm Natalie I'm so pleased I read your postage, I am due to have a full hysterectomy on the 17th June, the only thing is my bowel is stuck to my womb, so have been told there always is a risk of a bag, but I'm at stage 4 endrometriosis, which I've been on decapeptyl for lots of months, but due to the injection making your bones diteriate I've been told I can no longer have them anymore so this is why I'm going for the full hysterectomy, no ovaries nothing left, but I've seen plenty of comments on this site have have worried me because they say the endrometriosis can come back if you go on HRT which they give you, because the endo grows from the oestrogen that HRT gives you, so I've sent my gyno info on this but so far no answer, so this does concern me but I do need to chance it, I cannot have children the natural way so we decided we didn't want children if they weren't ours, I think that's selfish but hubby dosent, so anyway I'm pleased to see you came home early, I've got my mum staying with us while I'm in and after maybe four weeks bless her, I pray that this is now all over for you, good luck from now on I hope your life gets easier, and get well soon x


Hi I had a subtotal hysterectomy 3 weeks ago, I to have been overdoing it, accidentally sitting up the wrong way, and paying for it for days on end. I have also been very careful not to lift or overdo it but it is hard in normal living conditions.. Good luck that you are doing so well, keep is up


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