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What are my rights at work, as an Endo sufferer?


I had my endo confirmed via laparoscopy in December. Before my op, I was feeling very confused, lost, tired, hopeless - I'm sure you all know! I couldn't think straight and I lost all confidence in myself and my ability to do my job.

I poured my heart out in a letter to a friend about how unwell I felt and how I felt that I was unable to do my job to the best of my abilities and had decided that I should probably leave. My director (I'm a PA) found my letter "in the bin" supposedly, even though I don't remember throwing it away, and confronted me. I pretty much told him that I hadn't really made any solid decisions and that I was just having a rant - leaving my job would be a huge decision to make and I wasn't really ready to make it. I asked them not to pressure me into coming to a decision and eventually decided to stay.

They said to me "if you ever feel like this again, please talk to us, don't just suffer in silence" but I know them and I know they are sneaky and I am worried that they only said that because they want to plan for me leaving, not because they are concerned for my wellbeing.

Anyway, this was all at the beginning of the year and I had really made some great progress, both in my health and at work. However, this morning I had to take the day off sick in order to see a doctor because of pain in my leg which was sending shooting pain up and through my ovary.

My concern is that now they know what is wrong with me and how it effects me, they are probably going to jump to the same conclusion every time my endo effects me - and this is that I will want to leave.

What are my rights if they say "we do not feel that you can cope with the pressure of the job" or something like this?

Has anyone else found work too much and had trouble like this? I'm not really sure what to say to them sometimes.


Millie x

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I would seek advice from Your union, if your not in one look at your sickness policy. They can't ask you to leave they have to give you verbal & written warnings. They can medically retire you but only if your off for months again depending on your companies sickness policy. They have no right to say what they feel at all, I'd be honest with them regarding your illness as they can request with your permission your medical records.


I hope this is of some help, I wish I knew more it is a grey area. X


Hi Jillanovitch

Thanks for this. I have told them about my illness, they know all about it and how it makes me feel I'm just not sure what I'll say if they say that they think it is effecting my work because obviously it is and as their PA, they want someone who is sh*t hot and on the ball, which I am sure you'll understand when I say that I do not feel like this most of the time let alone all of the time!

I don't want to give up but sometimes I feel that I am no longer able to do my job because I cannot give 100% of myself 100% of the time, which is what they want. I wonder what other endo suffers do for work..




Hi Millie,

I really feel for you and know exactly how you feel.

I left a PA job because I found it too much and now work for my husband....I'm lucky in some ways that I can have 'off' days but being our own business, have to work twice as hard to make it up!

With regards to your rights, I have limited knowledge as a small employer. They can't just ask you to leave, they have to have a very good reason to instigate disciplinary procedures...but if you do have lots of sick days this could be a reason they use.

If they instigate disciplinary they have to follow procedures, set out in law, very carefully or risk you taking them to a tribunal.

Definitely check your contract or staff handbook for your sickness policy and also check out the ACAS website...they have lots of information for employees and employers.

Please don't worry but if you are finding it too much, maybe look for something else...leaving my PA job was the best thing I did!

Hope that helps x


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