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Coming off pros tap

Hello. I've been on prostap for 4 months now I has a glare for 5 weeks in the beginning but things all settled down after that, I have my next specialist appointment next week but never sure what to say. I have definitatly noticed a difference being on these injections but am still having discomfort during intercourse and a little bleeding afterwards, I also still have bad days and get pains not as servier but enough to need pain relief more on the opposite side of where my endo was. I have also noticed that after 2-2 and a half weeks after my monthly injection the effects seem to wear off :(.

I just feel I don't know what the next step is? Can anyone advise me as to what the next step would be? What i should be talking to my specialist about as i always forget something!! Should I come off the injections what else can I try?

Any advice or experiences would be great to hear

Thank you in advance xxx

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Sorry the beginning should say I had a flare up!! Lol


Hello ginag26,

First off the best thing you could possibly do is make a list. start it whenever. put down anything you want to ask and bring it with you that way you dont forget anything. slowly add to it. so if you start off with why am i still bleeding after sex. then in a day or so you may think of something else. when you see your dr you just go down the list and jot down the answers they tell you. I was on that injection for well 2 years i think. it never took the pain away it probably took it from a 10 to 8. the only reason i loved it was because it stopped my periods. of course there was breakthrough bleeding but besides that i was in heaven not having my period. the pain during sex, there is no injection that will stop that (at least i dont think) usually with that its just trying different positions. and always always make sure (sorry this may be TMI) that us use lube. that extra help can make it more comfortable alone. but still make sure you put that down on your list.

if being on the injection helps even that little bit it can be worth it. the other benefit of the injection is that it slows the growth of the endo. so it should not grow back as fast as it would if you were having a period. also sometimes making a pain journal will help. have you tried eliminating different foods from your diet?

there is a wonderful group on facebook. it is private so no one on your facebook will be able to see what you post. here is the link if you would like to join. facebook.com/groups/endomet...




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