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Feeling a bit fobbed off

Hi I have pain again around my left hip area despite three laps and removal of left ovary. I went to see my doctor about three weeks ago and she prescribed Mebeverine as she believed my pain was worsened by spasms in my gut. I agreed to give the mebeverine a try and when I saw her for my follow up appointment this week, explained that it may be helping a little with bloating but wasn't doing much else.

Anyway I've now been given Buscopan to try as apparently this drug works differently and may be more effective. I've only just started taking it today as have been quite worried reading about all the side effects. The point is I only saw her for about 5 mins and I felt a bit rushed out. Again at the time I agreed to give buscopan a go but the pain was bad yesterday and today. It seems to be going down my left leg and I'm starting to feel quite low and as if I'm not being taken seriously. What I'd really like is some decent pain relief that enables me to function. I do have some codydramol from my previous surgeries, but I can only take it occasionally at night as I feel too spaced out on it during the day.

I don't think more surgery will be helpful at this stage as I believe I probably have adhesions but I do feel like she's not doing enough for me. She hasn't examined me and I'm starting to also feel as if she thinks I'm exaggerating the pain even though she's been helpful in the past.

I just feel trapped in my body help!

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I can't advise specifically about your medication as I'm not a pharmacist, but I will be honest I can't understand your concern with taking buscopan, have you ever read the side effects for ibuprofen or paracetomal!!!

I know it's hard when you feel you aren't being listened to, but unfortuantely on the nhs a GP appointment is averaged out at between 5 and about 7 and a half minutes per patient, and any unexpected delays have to be made up out of the following appointments. Maybe look to book a double appointment (I always find the last appointment of the session to be best as they have generally caught up by then and are in less than a rush to see the next patient). Have a look at what options you have and discuss them with the GP raising any specific concerns you have - it's always better going to an appointment having an idea of what you want the doctor to do, or what you want them to prescribe. However, probably best to give this medication a few weeks first so you can report on it's effects (both good and bad).

Good luck, hope you get there x


I read the side effects of all meds mainly because I've been very sensitive to certain ones in the past. I'm always happy to try and tolerate side effects if they're mild but need to be getting some benefit from the medication in the first place.

I feel that my doctor may be barking up the wrong tree with the antispasmodics as I don't have any problems with my bowels. The pain I get feels more like irritated nerve pain and nothing seems to be touching it at the moment :-(

I'm due to see my doctor again in four weeks time but I'm not sure I can wait that long. I feel so fed up and miserable with it all and I don't know what to do.



I can relate to your pain its where I get alot of mine. Was told by the man that did a hysterscopy on me that kit sounded like IBS. My husband agreed as he suffers IBS must say he's tried all your drugs and he gets no relief at all. Any way lucky to get an appointment my drs is working by telephone triage at the moment only !!!

Sorry back to my point I recently went to Benenden and the consultant said as your pain is mostly pelvic has anyone tested to see if your ligament are painful. I said no so he did an internal pressed around .... No pain then he said make 2 fists and puts our fists under your bottom so I did he went a little deeper pressed at that was painful.

Said he could feel my ligaments were thickened and its very likely that's where most if my endo is so he will be stripping them.

Hope this helps a bit!!! This will be my 1st lap?

Where have you had endo before?



Hi malred what you're saying is very interesting and relevant to me. Over the last three years I've had three laps, three cysts removed and at my last one my left ovary was removed. My notes after the op said that there was superficial endo on my left uterosacral ligament. I'm fairly sure the pain I'm getting now is related to that area. Either the endo has grown back or I've got adhesions. Some adhesions were divided during my last lap.

I think that's why I feel I should have an examination which, the doctor did say she was going to do on this follow up appointment . I'm sure it would help both of us if we had some idea of where the pain is coming from.

I've decided after a day on the buscopan yesterday not to take any more. They slow down the bowel and that doesn't actually help me at all. All I felt was drowzy and shaky and still had pains going down my leg.

I hope you get relief from your pain when you have your lap.

Good luck and thank you x


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