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All systems go!!!


Hello ladies the day has almost arrived. Wednesday is my biggie day when i have my Hysterectomy. Had my pre op yesterday and i have to say the nurses and doctor where absolutely brilliant. They couldnt ask enough times if i had questions to ask. They were so reassuring and gave me a warm feeling that i know im going to be looked after there.They even helped my hubby look for a b&b on their PC. lol. Ive had enough as we all have of this minx and its time to say good ridence......i hope!!! Please can any of you ladies share some positive hysterectomy stories with me to keep my confidence up! I have a specialist team working on me so have faith but i will bombared him with my questions and concerns again on the day. I want every nook and cranny looked at, i really dont want anymore ops for endometriosis. Hugs J x

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Hi Jalo

Good luck for Weds, it will be here before you know it. Its good to hear you are confident in the care you will get from the nursing staff as that really helps you remain as calm and relaxed as possible.

I had my hysterectomy two and a half years ago now. I dont regret having it done as I was fed up of battling endo and having numerous laps and other treatments. Sadly for me the endo did return post-op despite having no ovaries but I am keeping the symptoms at bay by having prostap after a hyst. Slightly weird I know but it helps me.

The best advice I can give you is to take things easy after the op as it is still major surgery. Don't do too much too soon and feel free to ask any questions on the boards.

Take care

Caroline, x

Hi Caroline thankyou for your reply.I am under no illusions that this will be the miracle cure...fabulous bonus if it is! I f i get 2 and ahalf years of pain free living and find me again in the mean time then thats gotta be a positive. Im sorry that you are now experiencing it again. Your mention of prostap is interestingly weird as you say. I will remember this if i should happen to be in this position in the future.Positivity is the road ahead. Take care and i hope that one day we can all be free of this unwelcome guest. Jane xx

Im sorry im not in a position to give any positive stories on hysterectomies , im not there yet myself as i want more children but i would like to wish you all the best luck and a speedy recovery , i know having a good doc and kind nurses can make all the difference when your facing major surgery. all the best ,

Thankyou so much for your good wishes. It sent a big warm hug around me . The ladies on here are so encouraging and this site has been my little life line. We can only understand how it really is no matter how our nearest and dearest try to realise the pain. Its certainly a unique pain to have right? I will post when done and hopefully i can continue the thread of being upbeat and positive. Good luck Cherryblossom i hope you continue to grow your family and have a future thats endo free. Hugs to you Jane xx

Wishing you lots of luck and hope this puts an end to your pain, I'm on the waiting list for full hysterectomy but I'm still in two minds to be honest, will be good to hear from you after xx

Hi worth yes I will keep you posted. Hopefully I can come back with a lot of positivity and help you and others make the choices easier. For me at 43 its the next step to freedom. I'm tired of not being me anymore and I've only been diagnosed 4 years. The pain before this became intolerable and I had the coil fitted which was my life saviour until breakthrough pain a year later and referral to gynae my endo story started with a large endometrioma etc. I'm stage 4 with urological and bowel surgery to also be done on the day. If I can be free of this walking bag of worry and pain then for me it's a no brainer.thanks again and I wish you luck in making your decisions. J xxx

hi im post op 6 weeks of having a keyhole total hysterectomy good luck on wednesday ...

may i just say please please rest afterwards you may feel fine and upbeat one moment and major tired the next .... sleep sleep when your body tells you your tired xxx

i must say i am free of the old pains that i had but do suffer with the pain from recovery which i know is my body mending ...

before you go into hospital make sure you have these in the house ready for when you get home ..... lactulose is a must :)

peppermint tea

paracetomal ibrufen

if your sharing bed put pillow down the middle of the bed so your tummy is protected

i hope this helps you a little...

good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery

shaz xxxx

Shaz a big thank you for the advice. Just bought the tea. I may take a couple of bags in and ask for boiled water on the tea round!! Plan ahead:) I'm lucky to have my parents come too stay whilst I'm in. I will be an hour and half away from home so kids will be settled with nanny and grandad gives hubby the chance to stay up with me to save traveling and bonus they will stay to look after me, us, when I get out. So yes lots of rest will be enforced;) xx I've finished work now so now it's happening for real . So many thoughts ,a few worries but mostly upbeat. Take care hope you continue to recover well thank you for sharing ,hugs ,J xx

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