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Hello ladies,

I watch loose women quite often & I saw a story about Andrea McLean who has just had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis.

I have contacted Loose women to see if they can have a chat on loose women about endometriosis and its affects on the life of us ladies and they have emailed me back this morning to say they are going to pass the message onto the planning team and and will be in touch with me if the put it on the show,

I just thought it would be good for them to talk about it and raise awareness of endometriosis :)

Just thought I would let you all know xx

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  • That's great, hope they contact you. There is not enough awareness out there is there & also don't you find that people don't understand the pain we are in because we look fine on the outside.

    Lou x

  • Hey, thank you for your reply :)

    There isn't enough awareness out there and it's so sad!


  • Good on you hun hopefully get people understanding a bit more. Every little helps x

  • Thank you hunni & yeah definitely :) i'm just sick and tired of nobody wanting to understand what we go through and feeling as if we have the world against us.

    Things need to change xx

  • Brilliant idea. If they do could you post on here the date they will discuss endo as I must watch it. Thank you 😀

  • Yeaah definitely hun! xxx

  • Yes I read that she had been off due to having a hysterectomy brilliant idea to get in touch hopefully something good will come of this.


  • That's great. Glad they got back to you. I was off work this week and happened to see that episode. Thought she spoke really openly and honestly about her operation. I left a message on their FB page also saying it would be great in the future if she could say more about how the hysterectomy has/hasn't helped with her Endo, as neithrctopic gets much air space given how many women are effected. Fingers crossed. Let us know if you hear from them x

  • This is really great news, not only to raise awareness in others but also so that women know more about this condition and its symptoms to enable early diagnosis when it's something their GP hasn't considered.

  • Well done fo contacting them will keep everything crossed they do episode, like most girls have said can you let us know if they contact you o say they will thanks xxxx so much people know nothing about it so would be good

  • Well they emailed me back to say it was in the hands of the management to decide if they include the topic on the show and haven't heard anything since. Pretty sad really as they will talk about some daddy having plastic surgery or some bullcrap xxx

  • Very sad and have only just realised you posted this 5months ago it came up new topic of at least I thought it had, such a shame they haven't included this in there show as the amount of females on there and guest sure there hasn't just Andrea McLean that has endo. X

  • That was meant to say saddos but it said daddy for some reason🙈

    Oh right I did wonder haha!

    Yeah saira also has it and that's why she had to adopt her daughter. Very sad that they haven't decided to talk about it.

    Probably won't get enough views for them.😒


  • PMSL daddy having plastic surgery would be about right though Hun they'd probably do an episode for that 😡 I think they would be amazed at the viewings they would get especially if they had got back to you and you put it on here and myself and my close friend both have it so amazes how many people including doctors know nothing and ain't good and diagnosing and help for treatment xxxx

  • Haha! Glad I made you laugh😃 & yeah probably!

    It would be great if they did an episode about it, I've emailed them again so I'll just wait and see what they say.

    Yeah it amazes me too how nobody knows about it! Probably had about 2 people who have ever actually known what endo is that ive spoken to xxxx

  • Hi shazlovesevo 😂😂 you sure did make me laugh thanks

    Good on you emailing again. Would be brilliant if they could do episode Hun. Feel free to dm me the email I will happily email too and many the other 7 girls that have replied to thread would do the same lets hound them lol xxxx

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