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Surgery on ureters anyone?

Hello yet again ladies. My op is looming and my mind has now kicked into overdrive and I'm over thinking. Because I'm constantly thinking about the hysterectomy I forget that I'm also having surgery to free my ureters from an endo mass on my rectum. Has anyone had ureter surgery and can I expect kidney/ ureter pain after? This part of my surgery has been at the back of mind but now I'm thinking shit ureters ...important bit of plumbing in there hope they don't spring a leak!! Eek.. Cheers j xx

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Hi, I'm in the same situation too! My surgery is booked in for 21 May to do endometrial ablation and free ureters from endo scarring. I've waited 23 weeks for the right surgeon who has the expertise at my local hospital.

I'm anxious, if I wake in the night I think about it...worrying what will happen after etc...

I don't know exactly what extent of surgery I'm having until he gets to see inside me, so that's worrying too!

I hope it helps to know you're not alone, when is your surgery?

Take care. X


Hi thank you so much for your response.My op is 15 may in Southampton. This was found when I went in to have rectal mass removed in Nov. they decided it was a Job for the specialists hence referral! They put stents in then and said they can only last 6 months so its time up and although anxious cant wait to have them out. I've had a constant uti since I've had enough now. They put them in for guidance but the specialist said he probably didn't need them but however thinks they'll be helpful so Ive persevered with them. I had no idea the ureters had got involved with endo as I have never had symptoms ie UTIs until they messed ,boy do I know it now. Must have faith and positivity in the surgeons and we can hopefully look forward to a pain free future.All the best with your surgery. If all goes well and I remember I will let you know how it goes. Take care I'm with you on the anxiety have you tried Kalms they've been a great natural help for me;) big hug and yes as unfortunate as it is its always good to chat with somebody with similarities! Jane xx


Hi, I've had this, mine were both freed from adhesions. I had no side effects after the op, it was just like a normal lap for me. So I hope the same is true for you! x


Thank you for that. Hope you're now well and endo free :)). Xx J


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