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Left sided pain?

I have suffered with endo for yrs and had several operations, but for the last 4 days I have suddenly developed severe pain on my left hand side, it is constant and will not ease describe being given morphine to try and help. I have managed to get an appt on Sat with a new consultant as mine is currently off sick. Does anyone else get this, it is so so painful that I am really worried. hoped that the tabs would help but nothing touching it.

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I have had this happen to me once, It turned out to be a massive cyst that required immediate surgery but there other possible reasons. If you feel you need to go to A &E. Hope you feel better soon, Take care


Hi, Ive had that as well it seems to be when you have large cysts, I would got to A and E. xxx


I have right sided pinching (deep) 1 inch above previous bikini line scar, inside my hip and they think it is adhesions from previous surgeries. CT scan might be a good idea, although doesn't always pick up scar tissue but should pick up cysts and bigger clumps of endo, fibroids etc.


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