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Hi my son has autism and is 12 years old he used to take 30mg of melatonin to help him sleep but I stopped it as he was no longer going to sleep any better while taking it he was ok at first going to sleep bout 11.00pm it has now changed to between 2.00-3.00am I have been told to try old style antihistamines as they make you drowsy as anyone heard this before thanks

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Yes some of the older type antihistamines have a sedative effect on some people.

It must be difficult with a young lad coming up to teenage years. Some research suggests that bright lights, including from computers and i-phones in the evening can disrupt sleep patterns.


Don't use antihistamines to sleep. I have been using piriton daily as i have rhinitis and to sleep.. I'm horrified to read this shocking report that it raises your chances of getting Alzheimer's disease. Still this is an OTC, Over the counter drug to buy. 🤔https://www.nhs.uk/news/medication/media-dementia-scare-over-hay-fever-and-sleep-drugs/


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