Joint pain from allery to penicillin

I had a severe reaction to penicillin approx 7 weeks ago. The reaction was severe joint pain. I am still suffering with joint pain... A different joint every day...Fed up with the pain now. I already use fentynal patches and they are not helping, neithef is ibuprofen, paracetamol or naproxen. At the end of my tether now...Can anyone help me please

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  • A fact not many people don't know is all humans are actually allergic to penecilin, some people more than others, i'm far more allergic and when i had to take it as a kid i got a reaction straight away after 1 day of taking it, next day i had a rash going all up my leg, took it for another day and kept just going up and up. Most people take from a few weeks to a few months to finally start becoming allergic and i can cause problems like headaches, rashes and pains, can make you feel really ill too so you need to discontinue the use of it the second you become allergic but people can only use it once in their life, you can't use it again after you start to react to it.

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