I have had a cough since February. I have seen the gp and all he has given me is antihistamine and says its allergy issues. I ended up

in A&E he other day as could not stop coughing for 4 hours and could not breathe and vomited also. The hospital done chest X-ray which was clear, they also done blood tests which was fine. They have now given me a brown pump for my asthma to add to the blue pump I am using, they also gave me lanzaprazole, they say it could be acid reflux. I'm confused with it all. I am losing so much sleep at night , sometimes I go to work with only few hours sleep. How can I get to the bottom of what my allergies are. Te next step my GP is going to arrange is to refer me to the ear nose and throat clinic. I am now on medicines - loratodine, renatadine, lanzaprazole, asthma blue and brown pump.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • I have been down that route, 2006, asthma pumps didn't help, X-ray showed opacity on left lung, CT scan, CT biopsy + PET scan and repeat CT scan showed nothing. 2007 CD again diagnosed +IBS. 2013 Formaldehyde Allergy diagnosed and I react to an ingredient in medicines, foods etc its worse than CD. I found all this out by elimination diet over several years which was then medically confirmed.

    You can go to Allergy clinics to which there are several types, good luck with your investigations

  • Hi Pretender. you need an ocretide scan of your lungs and bowel to rule out carciniod syndrome . You then need referal re mastocytosis /mcas . Depending on were you live this can be simpleish or a bit harder but worth doing . please look at my site iamast.com .

  • Thank you for you'd reply pretender. Can I ask, what is CD. I am going to arrange for allergy testing. Where is best to go for such allergy tests?


  • CD = Coeliac Disease. You need to research private or NHS in your area. There are different types ie IgE from bloods, Skin prick test, Cutaneous allergy clinic (skin) and eating.

  • Acid reflux can cause asthma to go out of control sometimes it is the reflux that needs controlling rather than the asthma. I get bad asthma when my acid reflux and stomach problems flare up I take lansoprazole and metocloprimide to help alleviate these problems I also use seretide which has proven more effective than any other preventative inhaler.

  • My husband has got exactly the same symptoms as you. He's had a nasty cough for about 5 months or so, keeps vomiting & can't keep much down. He's had a Chest X ray which showed that it was clear. He's being treated for asthma in which he has been given a reliever & a preventer inhaler. He's just been put on some antibiotics for severe hay fever. Lack of sleep due to severe coughing also.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Hi Hidden . i would push for formal allergy testing as the inhalers should be helping if its pure asthma . i hope your husband finds some relief xx

  • I have asthma, wheat allergy also, but the thing that makes it really bad re the asthma and chest problems is if I drink wine. I think it might be the sulphites that are often in wine and they are listed as an allergen on the bottle. They are also used in dried fruit and as a preservative in lots of food. I think this is a very common allergy. Do you get the coughing after wine. I was very ill with it recently, had to leave friend's party early and take extra antihistamine. On another recent occasion I would have called an ambulance if the antihistamine had not worked quickly. If antihistamine work for you, I would think it's more likely to be an allergy than acid reflux. Also when I had not been diagnosed with the wheat allergy, eating wheat such as bread, cereal or biscuits made me cough and caused reflux. I now have hiatus hernia, but providing I stay wheat, (and for now gluten free) I am fine.

    So try the sulphite angle, then the wheat. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi Rose red x do you flush and swell rdgularly ?

  • Face flushes and get lumps, also spots and hives which do not go away. If you have wheat allergy be wary of liquid glucose, maltodextrin and dextrose, also malt, spirit vinegar


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