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Pain relief

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I have eds . Fibromyalgia. Hashimotos. CFS and allergies. My pain is getting worse everyday. Can only tolerate paracetamol which doesn't touch the pain I have. Does anyone have lidocaine at all prescribed by GP? I am desperate for some relief.

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I can only do paracetamol too. But I can just gel, like ibuprofen gel 10% and that also takes the edge off specific areas. I heard a consultant being interviewed by another doctor who said the best way to use gel is to use it 3-4 times a day for a couple of days, every few weeks. That does seem to keep the inflammation down without setting off my gastro problems that oral NSAIDs cause. Other than that, it is asking for a referral to a pain clinic as GPs are often not allowed to prescribe anything else.

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