SPD Pelvic Girdle Pain

Good morning. 😊 Has anyone been diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) or Symphisis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD) many years after a pregnancy or during pregnancy and then again years after pregnancy? I've been getting nowhere with the difficulties I'm currently experiencing and having had it in my last pregnancy, now 15 years ago, I'm experiencing worsening pain, difficulty sitting and standing, along with worsening bladder and bowel issues that fit the diagnosis due to instability of the pelvis. Xx

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  • Had mine 12 years ago and it never went away 

  • Thanks Claralove,

    I'm beginning to wonder if it ever went away and if it's just been masked by everything else going wrong. As there's never been any follow up, after Physio said they couldn't help me years ago, I guess it's possible it's been on a back burner and something happened to bring it all on again. I doubt I'll ever know the answer but I will push for something to be done. Xx 

  • I was told my pelvis was well aligned considering..pain due to mostly nerve problem.. And ligament issues now..but I've got problem with back and legs. Arthritis in spine.. And problems standing..but cant sit properly as my tail bone hurts..my condition only came to light because of my pregnancies.. 

  • I know the public bone went back properly but that's about as much as has ever been confirmed. I went a short distance in the car, that's fortunately an automatic, but I know I've driven. I can't get used to the sitting on pins or stabbing pains and the pain around the hips, groin, thighs and bum. I'm not liking the cracking of the lower spine either. I will push for an appointment on Monday. I'm pretty shocked we've just been left to get on with it. Xx

  • You should find out if it's your femoral nerve..that's can cause similar symptoms 

  • I'll have a look into that. Thank you. 😊 xx

  • I had SPD/PGP from 3 months PG. 4 years after the birth I'm still suffering. I was diagnosed as being  hypermobile last year, which isn't helping matters. 

  • Thanks for sharing Mikocat,

    I hope you do get some calm years from it. I'm just horrified that with a few years respite it appears to be back with a vengeance. Xx

  • I had SPD years ago, but my hip pain got bad over the last few years and SI joints started to go out. I now wear a Serolla sacroiliac belt and support pant/shorts which help. But someone else I knew had seen a consultant in Leeds that deals with pelvic instability and he completely fused her pelvis and she was so much better. I got my GP to refer me to him and surprise, surprise, my pelvis in unstable. So later in the year I should be having the op - no fun as he fuses front and back with bone from your hip - then convalesance is 3 months completely non weight bearing! It frightens the life outta me thinking about it, but I can't bear the pain I have -especially on waking. If anyone wants this consultants details just shout!

  • Thanks for responding as that really sounds positive. My left hip was problematic prior to The SPD but an accident over 5 years ago, whilst I was at work, made things alot worse. Overcompensating has caused right side difficulties too. 

    It would be great if I could have the details of the consultant? I'm not sure my PCC will allow it but it's worth a try. Xx

  • Hi. Sorry only just checked back on here! Right he's a brilliant guy a leading person in pelvic instability, so google him and print stuff off when you a-begging to your GP.

    His name is Professor Peter Giannoudis, Orthopaedic Consultant at Leeds General Infirmary, Great George St, Leeds LS1 3EX.

    He doesn't do any private work and if you manage to get a referral, be prepared to wait possibly several hours to see him. He is very thorough and takes as long as he needs with each patient. And if an emergency crops up - he's off for as long as needs be. So go with a good read and a pack up!

    Let me know if you're lucky enough to get referred, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. All the best, Nikki xx

  • Thanks Nikki,

    I'll do that and I'll let you know how it goes. 

    Lou. Xx

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