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Thumb pain after accident

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On Tuesday I hurt my thumb. Partner threw a cushion at me play fighting and it caught my thumb, pushing it back with force. Immediate pain and limited movement since. Next day swollen and red, slightly bruised. Not so painful now (as in not throbing) and can move it a bit more but I but still can't move it as I usually can. Severe pain when the joint is pressed in the center of the joint, palm facing up, and same spot on back of joint, and the thumb keeps locking at knuckle joint so clicks when I bend it. Just a sprain or something more? I haven't had time to see a GP yet

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Hi Gracey86


I’m so sorry about your injury.

You may have torn ligaments that attach the thumb to the hand. Or at least over stretched them.

You MUST take the time to get it treated. Here’s why I say this:

I have hEDS too. In 2000 I took a serious/fall on the sidewalk outside my doctor’s office. I was carrying an umbrella (closed) because it had been raining arriving to my appointment. As I fell downward the umbrella 🌂 caused my whole body to contort around it like a weirdly formed pretzel 🥨. I liked to never unfolded the weird angles of my limbs. I knew without question the INJURIES were going to be bad.

In hindsight 19 years later my BIGGEST REGRET is that I DIDN’T seek treatment. I was having really serious family issues that prevented it. NOW 19 years later come this May I have had irreversible damage to most of my connective tissue that has led to excruciating pain everywhere occasionally but constant severe pain. The worst areas are my whole spine and pelvic/hip joints. As I was diagnosed years later and 16 years of intense physical therapy that only lasts short terms a result of not being treated ASAP

I have advanced osteoarthritis now. I have been existing with a shortened right leg due to tearing of and overstretching all the connective tissues in the pelvic/hip region and lower spine.

I have to wear expensive special shoes and orthotics to build up the leg length. I have expensive leg braces that go In my special shoes from the ball of the feet to my knees. I’m in constant pain and cannot tolerate meds to dull it even a little. I’m mostly immobile now but the pain isn’t. The damaged connective tissue continues to worsen daily. I was a FOOL to NOT get treated ASAP and I’ve regretted that choice every second for 19 years.

My right thumb was injured 4.7 years ago I was pulling on my pillow to adjust it while sleeping when I felt a pop (like a rubber band that is overstretched and hits your skin) immediately in my thumb base. I haven’t been able to use my right hand for very much since due to the increased excruciating pain. I wear a thumb supported wrist brace to keep it stable. I’ve had to train myself to be left handed. Everything I try to do is challenging now.

I just recently went to a hand specialist. I have such advanced osteoarthritis now that my thumb base joint needs surgery. He emphasized that the surgery will only correct the thumb base no where else in the thumb or wrist so in other words that it won’t cure my systemic osteo pain or ongoing damage to my other thumb joint.

Please don’t put this off and then suffer like me. I wouldn’t wish my fate on anyone.

Please get your injury/injuries treated ASAP.

Best wishes for a cure.

EJ 😊🌸🌿🦋🙏🤗💗😘😇🕊

I agree with Honeybug, it might be nothing but soft tissue damage, but in EDS that can end up being worse than a break, so it would be a good idea to have it checked out. Do you have a minor injuries unit near you? Don't go to A&E, but if you can't get an appointment with your GP an alternative would be a minor injuries unit.

Thanks for your replies. I was hesitant on getting it seen to as if it's only minor, it's waiting everyone's time when it will heal by itself. Also, I have an active 3 year old and work so have not had the time to do so yet. I was hoping it would feel better by now but it's obvious something not right so I will have to make time to be seen. Reading your experience about regretting leaving it, I think I shouldnt! Having never broken/sprained anything before I'm not really sure how it should be feeling/how long it takes to heal

With Ehlers, it's so easy for us to do something more than minor from just a simple activity. Somehow, I managed to dislocate my pinky-toe one night and didn't know about it until the next morning. The surgeon who looked at it said there wasn't anything he could do, but that with Ehlers, it's so easy to do things that wouldn't happen to the non-ED patient. Subluxations, dislocations and sprains happen SO much more easily to us - oh joy, oh joy. Do get it looked at - perhaps something can be done to help the healing process. Good luck!!

So I finally managed to have it seen to today and I have actually fractured the radial sesamoid bone! So small but so painful!

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