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Anyone else get ear pain?

Hello everyone. This may sound silly, but does anyone else get ear pain associated with their hypermobility? I have it in my left ear, feels like an ear infection but the doctor has examined me many times and my ear is perfectly clear. I have even asked my dentist to look at my TMJ joint last time I went for a check up. I read somewhere, can't remember where, that JHS can affect the small bones in the ear and was wondering if anyone else suffers from this?

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I had nasty deep inner earpain for about year and nothing helped. it was an agony to sleep on that side. My GP told me it was probably my nasal polyp that blocked the nose-ear airway and I took cortecosteroide nasal sprays for months and it didn't help. Eventually the pain went.

I was just recently diagnosed with HMS based on my disabling hypermobility (use a wheelchair for large distances and have orthopedic shoes) but I habe a myriad of internal and skin problems/diseases (chronic illeitis, slow woundhealing and striae (they just took a skin biopt), fatique, positive ANA, inflammation through my body et cetera) so I believe I have EDS since my youth. Things turned disabling after my 36th year. I am now 41. Unfortunately Dutch doctors are very reluctant giving you a serious diagnosis. So I have no right to chronic physiotherapy, a new wheelchair or disability if I can't work anymore.


Hello Lin. I am pre diagnosis and due to attend my next important specialist rheumatology appointment soon..I do already have fibromyalgia and was at last rheumie appointment told I had hypermobility..

I have a long list of symptoms as you no doubt also have,and one is ear pain..The pain is felt in my inner ear and is a shooting type pain which is severe. It just comes on without warning,lasting minutes.I also have periods of dull/muffled hearing and have experienced a feeling of water in my ear.This has all been examined by my GP but nothing was obvious, and I had no infection. I also have intermittent tinitus..

I have no idea what these pains and other sensations are because of? But I have many questionable symptoms, and I am hoping they can be attributed to some diagnosis soon.

I have got use to 'putting up with my lot'.. as we do..but its not easy is it..

when pains are bad I use the old favorite hot water bottle☺ I wish you well and good health x


Yes, I have some tinnitus, too. I have had muffled hearing in this ear for about 20 years, which seemed to begin after a heavy cold. I have had hearing tests at the hospital which have shown no problem with my hearing but I know that I cannot hear properly in my left ear. Very occasionally (maybe a couple of times a year) my ear will 'pop' and I can hear well but that gradually fades. The pain in my ear can last for days but my GP can't find anything wrong with it. another thing I have to 'live with' but I'm better off than a lot of people. Good luck with your visit to the rheumatologist.


Hello I'm currently waiting for an appointment at the hypermobility unit - so may be collecting my pension by the time I get seen. Over the years I've been diagnosed with costochondritis, fibromyalgia, tmj etc. But for the last two years I've had swollen ear canals with ear pain and no one can tell me what's wrong. After seeing a Bowen therapist he said I needed to get checked for EDS (I am hypermobility Beighton score of 8/9). The continual pain, crawling sensation in the ears has been driving me mad. Intermittent tinnitus and full feeling in the ear too. My sterno muscle in my neck is rock hard and has not responded to steroid injections.

If anyone can shed any light on it, it would be much welcomed.

Best wishes


My left ear pulls, rings and i hear my heart beat pound in it all the time. People who have eds usuaslly have jaw issues. The disc in my left jaw has disentigrated and my jaw has shifted. Sometimes it even locks up.


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