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Massage therapy?


Hi guys.

So, I have EDS-hypermobility type.

I've had a good summer, pain wise, but it's caught up to me and my arms and legs and back are just aching like crazy. So I thought that I may try a massage, but was worried a bit about doing damage.

I was thinking of going to a chiropractor who is local and who also offer massage therapy.

Do any of you have massages as a treatment? Would you reccomend a certain type of massage?


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I love being massaged - it is literally the best thing I can experience and does my body sooo much good - for a very short while. As a therapy or treatment yes I would love it but my experience is that the effects wear off within a day. But if you want to go ahead - enjoy.

Make sure your chiropractor knows about EDS issues. Be clear about which joints are unstable at the moment and get the chiro to avoid them. Some Swedish massage moves are really too much for the EDS limbs, but you can always ask the masseur to tone it down.

rosesinbloom in reply to Jay66

Thanks for this.

I don't expect the effects to last, but just for some relief and enjoyment.

Yeah, the Swedish massage seems too much for me, I was thinking more of a Lomi massage, I think. It looks more gentle and relaxing for chronic pain.

If I had the money I would have a massage every single day!

It is down to your personal tastes - all massage is lovely as long as there is enough pressure. I dislike light feathery touches. Lomi sounds ideal.

I once had a 'sports' massage where the masseur pulled my finger joint apart.

rosesinbloom in reply to Jay66

Ouch! That sounds awful! I can't really bare a sports massage, they pull you around too much and it never seemed to help me.

Yes, I want a bit of pressure, feathery touch just tickles me!

I used to have soft tissue massage from a chiropractor frequently, she also has EDS, my body at that time had become so tight, all my muscles felt so hard never relaxing and my back was rigid, I could hardly move, she understood my needs exactly. The chiropractor was so helpful in lots of ways she also gave me sheets of paper which had gentle stretch exercises on for me to do daily to try and help the muscles and make me feel more relaxed, I still use these now. I only stopped going because I felt I could manage more on my own and I was more aware of what was happening with my body. Like Jay says the effects just do not last too long but for me the muscles felt much better, it was an expensive luxury that I would most certainly do again if I ever found myself in such a bad way again. I also purchased a hand held massager, the same they used in the practice, which is good though the machine is a little heavy it's a good thing to have.

Enjoy your massage and don't forget to drink plenty of water afterwards, relax and do as little as possible for the rest of the day letting your body benefit from it's treatment.

Massage is great for muscle tightness but doesn't last. I have to do regular pilates and stretches as suggested by my specialist physio. I did see a physio who gave me a massage and dry needling, a bit like acupuncture but less painful and that really had a long lasting effect on the tight muscles and pain. I suggest you go to a physiotherapist for your massage, they can also show you how to use a roller over muscles which is helpful.

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