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Left side chest pain



For the second time in the last week 1.5 years I’ve had an ambulance called for stabbing left side chest pains for about 10-15 mins. Heart seems to be functioning fine but they’ve no idea what could be causing it. Do any of you guys have anything similar? I’ve Mild eds type 3 so only really got a bit of arthritis from it at this stage, I’m 34 and don’t smoke or drink, all suggestions welcomed.


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I have had this and so did my younger son as a child. I only got diagnosed last year at 54 and he is not diagnosed but seems to have a milder form of the hypermobility but more problems with dysautonomia symptoms. I think it is muscular, a myalgia. I agree it is very sharp, stabbing pain and we both had it around the heart area and can be very scary! Luckily not long lasting. Try deep slow breathing through it to relax the e intercostal muscles. Keep your shoulders down, expand into your chest slowly for 5, hold for 4, long slow expiration for 7, relax, slow down.

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Thanks for the comment, it’s good to know it’s not unique to me, just frustrating the doctors etc didn’t have any suggestions!

Two possible reasons for it, both very common in hEDSers:

1. costochondritis - pains from this can be sharp and stabby and be exactly where your heart is. I have had this and thought I must be dying - waited to keel over but (to my surprise) didn't, and the pain stopped.

2. Anxiety (panic) attacks - now I am not an anxious type of person at all, quite the opposite, but I did recently have a couple of these, and they can give you weird symptoms in the heart area.

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Hi Jay66, luckily I don’t suffer from anxiety (yet anyways) but the costochondritis seems a good indicative diagnosis. Have you found anything that helps prevent it? Thanks!

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Nothing which prevents it - but hunched over a desk makes it worse, and stretching helps it sometimes.

Hi. I'm sorry to hear you're suffering with these pains. Not only is it painful but also very worrying, especially when its in or around the chest. I'm assuming as an ambulance was called and that you we're taken to A&E you had all the usual cardiac tests? So you can be reassured that it isn't likely to be heart related issue that is going to seriously affect you suddenly .

My son and I were both diagnosed last year with hEDS. One of my ongoing symptoms is chest pains, crushing in the middle or at either side. This lasts just minutes or can go on for a while. Sometimes it is so bad that I am sweating and in agony. I've worried at times that its a heart attack. But I've survived every time and Its been going on for 30+ years and not killed me yet🙂 I've had numerous tests over the years which show my heart is fine so I no longer worry that its 'faulty'.

But If you should feel concerned about your pains don't hesitate at anytime to call for help.

My specialist rheumatologist recommended I had various tests, because with chest pains I often had symptoms of dizziness, lower limb pain, over heating, blurred vision and overwhelming fatigue. He said this suggested Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction..Also because in hEDS aortic root dilation and mitral valve prolapse can be present, he recommended certain testing for that. I've read this finding is uncommon and is only in a small percentage of hEDS patients.

If these symptoms are similar for you, I would suggest -if you haven't done already- that you ask your GP for a 24hr heart monitor and a 24hr BP monitor. Also ask GP to arrange an echocardiogram to assess the aortic root Z score and arch diameter - this will make certain nothing is missed- then ask to be referred to a cardiologist who will interpret the results and assess all your symptoms.

After my recommended tests last year, I was diagnosed with Autonomic dysfunction/ postural hypotension by a cardiologist. I was suffering with extreme Autonomic dysfunction symptoms and tachycardia at that time. I've since been taking measures to ease it which have helped - 3L of water, Nuun electrolytes, extra salt, counter pressure exercises- and I hope not to have to have an awful tilt table test so medication can then be prescribed for POTS...With that at least, I'm doing better than I was..

My son has occasional chest pains and had all the same tests done, inc the 24hr heart monitor which helped the cardiologist diagnose ectopic beats. As these aren't presently a problem he doesn't need any follow up, but it is advised he be seen again should he have troublesome symptoms.

I hope you start to feel some relief from your symptom soon. Very best wishes xx

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Thanks for the lengthy response...I had the ambulance heart monitors but didn’t get checked this time round. I had checks in a and e for 4 hours a year or so ago, and tests/scans for margins syndrome 2 years ago (negative luckily)

Where I am the Rheumatology department is dire, short staffed and the hospital is in special measures, so can’t get access to anyone for a while yet...

It’s interesting you mentioned overheating as I do this daily, in winter it’s ok but in the summer months it’s a killer. I’ll take a look at the conditions you mentioned, I also have osteoarthritis in the sacroiliac joints and can’t stand for prolonged periods or I black out (circa 1 hour) so do wonder if I should push for better tests.

I’ll be happy if I don’t get any issues after 30 years of suffering :-) it fills me with hope x

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