Can anyone recommend a quality mattress!?!

So sick of restless nights of tossing and turning and arranging pillows...under my back, between my legs etc....really feeling the pressure in my joints...fatigue on top of a lack of good I had a baby so feel like I havnt slept...ever. Going insane! I hear good things about memory foam but I slept on one once and it wasn't great...maybe it was a cheap one??....any suggestions? I have terrible posture with a severe S curved spine and really achey hips, back (esp between shoulders) and joint generally. My current mattress is terrible (never letting the other half choose one again!). Help!

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  • I so understand your problem, I'm exactly the same. I'm always buying new pillows in the hope to find a comfortable one but too scared to make a huge investment in a new mattress incase I buy the wrong one again. I wish I could spend a night in a mattress/bed shop so I can test them properly. Sorry I have no good answer for you but do wish you all the best on your journey of finding a comfy bed 😴😴😴

  • Yep: my memory foam mattress changed my life when we bought it nearly 20 years ago. We got it from tempur-pedic...and chose their standard quality model. I also sleep with a tempur pillow under my head, and another between my upper legs

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  • I'm finding this to be a big problem for me - while most people need to replace mattresses every seven years, I need to do so in five - I can stretch that by getting a mattress topper.

    Memory foam is good, but can get a bit hot and it varies in quality, some less supportive than others. Latex is good too but can be a bit pricey. There's hybrid foam (Laygel, Cool Blue) which doesn't react to heat and 'springs back' a bit faster and provides more support for my joints when I sleep (I've ordered a new one this week as my pain levels are pretty bad at night these days).

    So maybe consider getting a mattress topper for the interim? Or better still, if you know you have a curved spine, if you're in the UK can you get a referral to OT and get some suggestions for a suitable bed for you?

  • I have a Sleep Number bad & I absolutely LOVE it! Being able to adjust how firm or soft it is makes a HUGE difference! I tend to have it on one of the softest settings so it supports my lower back just enough, but doesn't put much pressure on other areas.

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