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rib dislocation/subluxation?

Hi :)

At weightlifting 3 days ago I felt a sharp tweak in my back during an unusually wild jerk, and put it down to a muscle pull. The next evening I had a sports massage and it was agony and she couldn't pinpoint the responsible muscle, being a bit confused at the location. Yesterday it was getting worse (although I still trained) and today the pain is now continuous and it hurts to carry my bag on that side - I am pretty certain now it is my rib (or was) - my rib has only subluxed once before and the pain was very similar to this although I only just put that together yesterday. I'm 90% sure it's back where it should be (can't feel any lump) and I'm off to the GP this afternoon.

My questions are: does that sound like your experience of a rib subluxation? I don't sublux or dislocate often and when I do it's hips knees and shoulders (knuckle once and rib once before).

Also, I can only take paracetamol as codeine messes with my already distressed gut, NSAIDs my inflamed stomach can't handle, and tramadol makes me sick as a dog - what I really want is valium to relax the no doubt spasming muscles which are probably pulling my rib in all sorts of directions and stopping it settling back properly. I am doubtful my GP will give me that though, even though A&E did last time. thoughts?

any other advice welcome! today is my only day off training so back to it tomorrow and I can't hang about for a finicky rib :)


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