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Stabbing and jerking

Hi all.. Having lurked for a while I now come seeking advice, wisdom, thoughts on what is bothering me, I have not joined in before because I don't think I can help in anyway, but I hope that won't be held against me, :-). Anyhooo....I have Fibro, CFS, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (EDS 3 (or whatever they are calling it this week)) TMJD, Lumber Spine damage and Spina Bifida Occulta, Cervical Spondylosys (and my neck bends the opposite to what it should do) Tinnitus and other misc issues... But, I have noticed more and more recently a sharp stabbing pain... like a needle being stabbed into me and simultaneously muscle jerks... so, I'll get a stab in the big toe and my leg will kick two or three times.. or the stab in my lower abdomen (appendix kinda area) and the leg will kick out or this will happen in my fingers and arms. I also get a painless but startling contraction of the chest and abdo muscles that pulls my body to one side..very often i get loads of the stinging stabbing pain which is like an angry wasp is harassing me. Most annoying and these things are becoming more frequent. It's just happened.. the stomach and the leg...nearly flipped my laptrp tray to the floor..just as well I have lightening reactions.!! So, the upshot of this drawn out post is this - Can anyone relate to what I am experiencing? Have you had the same? Do you know what the devil is going on? I am info gathering before I see the GP so she won't think I am bonkers, although after I described my shoulder pain as 'a woodpecker drilling into my bone' I fear it may be too late. Thanks in advance y'all. Julie

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I have no idea about the symptoms but I'd suggest catching it on video just in case they don't happen in front of them :)


Whilst I haven't had those symptoms as such I have had a lot of neurological symptoms with fasciculations. With the combination of diagnosis I'd recommend giving a low FODMAP diet a try with vitamin B suplemements (as long as there's no medical reason not to take them). This has reversed a lot of my symptoms and really helped with fatigue. Good luck.


Good Morning. I too endure all the conditions that you listed apart from spina bifida occulta. For 3 months I too was jerking as you described, with severe electric volts. Obviously the NHS wasn't interested, so after watching I doubled my magnesium supplements. After 3 weeks the jerks, spasms, cramps subsided. i still have lightening bolts but to a much lesser degree and frequency. I wish you well.


I occasionally (for a few weeks then it goes away) get tingling/stabbing pains/muscle twitches but only in my hands/fingers and feet, never in the rest of my body. I believe it to be neuropathy - quote from

• Neuropathy: Some people with hypermobility also develop neuropathic pain, which may be felt as burning, stinging, tingling, shooting, numbing, etc. Sometimes such pain is caused by disc problems, but often it is quite localized or does not follow the usual patterns of pinched nerves.

I have no idea if this is what you are experiencing. With your extensive neck and spine issues, could it be pinched nerves firing off randomly? Certainly, I'd go and see your GP and maybe get a referral to a specialist, but it may take some time. I sat on a waiting list for a neurologist for a full year after a long bout of it, then finally got a letter asking if I still needed an appointment. By then of course the stabby pains and tingling had stopped, so I said I no longer needed it.

My GP at the time told me it was not medically possible to have tingling in both my hands and feet from the same cause. I don't believe her any more...

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Thank you all for your replies. Duly noted and I shall report back on the GP appointment. xx


I take half a diazepam when i get these symptoms


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