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Hi, I'm Tom, and I am a 75 year old Prostate Cancer SURVIVOR. I was being followed for BPH for 9 years, with semi-annual PSA tests. I was stable at 1.4 until 2012, when the number began doubling every 3 months, and my urologist found a bump in December 2012. A biopsy showed positive in 5 of 12 cores, Gleason 7. I did a mountain of research and knew most of what to expect. A surgeon said I was not an optimal candidate for RP because of an arbitrary cutoff of 70 (I was 71) and also had a cardiac history. A radiation oncologist made a very thorough and encouraging presentation, so radiation became my choice for treatment. ADT in May 2013 followed by 45 radiation sessions got me a diagnosis of cancer free. My PSA has remained undetectable since then.

My ED began at the time of the BPH diagnosis, caused partly by poor blood flow and partly by the BPH meds, and has only gotten worse with time. I've used the pump, but had to stop for a while due to complications. I'm currently on low dose daily Cialis, which gives me multiple semi erections during the day, but nothing strong enough to work with although encouraging that all is not lost. I am considering the implant, once I get an incontinence problem resolved.

Life begins again at 75.

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  • Hello Tom.

    I had a random PSA check in August 2015. PSA was 5. Small lump on prostate. Biopsy gave Gleason score of 8. CT, MRI and bone scans were all clear with no spread. At 75 year old, the Urologist said I was 'healthy' enough for RP by Da Vinci. I had that in Nov 2015. PSA then 0.1 and remains that level now. Had bag on for 8 days. Pads for around 6 weeks. All clear now. BUT ED is here. No erections. I have a pump but have not used that 'in anger'. I take Sildenafil tablets (Viagra) but now I have reduced these as we have not really got to grips with ED and the pump.

    Main thing is that I am clear. The loss of libido and the ED are a small price to pay I reckon. Perhaps life DOES 'restart' at 75 (76 next April)!


  • Hey Terry I feel the same. As the saying goes "it could be worse!". I'm 73 now and honestly do not think that I will ever have another erection.


  • Good positive attitude Terry. I just turned 76 and am a 23 year PC survivor. Although it is tough for us guys to admit it, there are more important things than getting an erection. I used several of the "options" available for erections, including the pump. it works but something about a cold erection doesn't do much for either participant. But........, life goes on and is still better than the alternative.

  • Hi Tom and welcome to the group. I had the RPS and now have ED as the only lingering issue. Met with my Urologist two days ago and discussed it and left the session with the thought that the implant was the way to go. I have tried cialis and levitra with no positive results. So life continues and the search for a resolution as well.

  • TommyD41, welcome. I am 76 and a 23 year PC survivor following surgery, radiation a year later, followed by an orchiectomy (radical hormone treatment) a year later, now cancer free. I also have had ED for years, having tried everything except an implant. Have learned to accept it. Also HAD significant incontinence issues.

    I noticed you mentioned an incontinence problem and I just want to advise you and others, if the incontinence becomes worse to the point of embarrassment or just tired of dealing with it, there is an excellent option available of having an Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS) implanted which eliminates the incontinence issue. I Have had the AUS for 18 months and it works great! Simple surgery required and I highly recommend it for anyone who has had enough dealing with wet pants.

    Good Luck with everything.

  • Thanks for mentioning the AUS. It's an option I'm beginning to research and will be discussing it with my urologist. I do wonder, though, if the reservoir could be inserted through the initial scrotum incision rather than as a second cut through the pubic area. Just one of the questions I will ask.

  • TommyD41.., that's a good question for you to ask. For my AUS surgery, the small (slightly more than an inch) reservoir incision was made just above and to the right side of my penis. To further explain the procedure a little..., the appliance (AUS) is installed and the area is allowed to heal for a period of 3-4 weeks BEFORE it is activated. (turned on) The activation and on-off button are both located on the part of the appliance that is located in the scrotum. This device is a little longer than an inch and has 2 squeeze buttons on it. One to activate/deactivate the appliance in case of any medical emergency (appliance must be deactivated BEFORE a catheter can be inserted) and the on/off button which is used to urinate. When urination is complete, appliance closes by itself. As I said, basically works like a hose clamp. By the way, my doc said any problems with this device can easily be taken care of, if necessary. Great device IMO.

  • Thank you for your very informative information. God bless you for your support.

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