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I think my partner has peyronies disease


I'm looking for some advice on peyronies disease. I think my partner may have it. He has problems with ED and when erect I noticed his penis was bent upwards. Over the past year he has suffered badly with ED and it's been difficult for him to talk to me. I try to talk to him but it feels like all I say is wrong. He is experiencing some discomfort at times too and I'm worried if we dont go to a doctor it might be irreversible.

Any advice or experience would be very much appreciated.

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Is the bend increasing? If it is then seeing a doctor is the only option. Best wishes.

Yes I think it is. He isnt very keen to discuss it with me not to mention a doctor.

Sadly a typical male response to a medical issue. Ignore it in the unjustified hope it will go away.

I wish you both well but can’t really offer further advice. He is lucky to have a concerned partner like you. Hope he realises that.

In other words I just make him go and I go with him. Thank you.

If he sees a urologist they will want to give him a xiaflex injection. That didn't work for me. Instead I took L-acetyl Carnitine and iodoral 12.5 mg iodine supplements. Actually I took 1/2 doses of the iodoral. Don't over-do that as it could lead to thyroid issues. Not a doctor. Just saying what worked for me. The carnitine is available from vitacost.com. iodoral is available from Amazon. Worth a try. Good luck.

So there is hope then. And has it gone along with any ED problems?

I had a downward bend type peyronies. Made sex very difficult. Problem gone now.

Thank you. I'm going to have a chat with him and see if I can get him to the doctor. But I will see if he's willing to follow your advice. Can you give me an idea of how long you had to take them?

If it is going to work it should happen in 4 to 6 weeks. Good luck.

Dannyboy69 in reply to WSOPeddie

how did you fix the problem?

Dannyboy69 in reply to WSOPeddie

is that stuff over the counter?

Yeah I ordered it from amazon and Holland and Barrett, I'm in Scotland so we couldn't use the vitamin.com

See a urologist asap. I got it 2-1/2 years ago then diagnosed with prostate cancer, had a prostatectomy 10 months ago, not related but u should not let it go un-checked ... be proactive

We have had a chat and we are going to go and see the doctor together. We have done a bit of research together and it looks like the docs are going to go with the watch and wait approach from what other people are saying but we are going to go anyway. Thank you for the advice

Glad you are doing this

Yeah it's best to see your doctor

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