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Hand eczema


I had it for few years usually after intensive housework (in gloves) only on fingers of left hand.

It would usually calm down in day or two. But since this summer it got constant and getting worst.

Even after swimming it would be red and irritated. Since September my GP was giving me steroid based creams starting from mildest one to stronger and stronger:

1.Betamethason, 0.1% w/w

2.Clobaderm 0.05 Ointment w/w

3.Synalar, 0.025% Ointment ww

With ointments I was given: Cetraben cream than Epaderm cream. Was given Dermol 500 as soap substitute.

Nothing worked. I have been wearing cotton white glove during work. When showering I have to have a vinyl glove. I haven’t been using shampoos for hair and body for few month using natural soaps from Lush and recently from goat milk.

A month ago it got infected and I had an antibiotics. After few days it all came back. At this point GP referred me to dermatologist, still waiting for an app. in February!

Next, GP tried Antifungal Nizaral 2% hand wash once a day and and hand cream. Didn’t work.

First GP said it looks like contact dermatitis, second one said it’s Pompholyx. They said it’s not needed to do allergy tests because it’s only on hands which means it is contact with something that irritates the skin.

From medication I only take Thyroxine 75 mcg. I started to take a lot of vitamins and supplements on my own: vitamin C, Echinacea, Omega 3 fish oil, Q10, Primrose and starflower tablets, Folic acid 400 mcg, black seed oil. I drink herbal teas. I eat all home made food, don’t drink, since this week I stopped eating diary. Next week I’ll try to stop with wheat/gluten. I have been trying to apply coconut butter, virgin, honey, live oil, since recently Marigold oil, Lily oil, nothing works.

I have to take antihistamine in the evening when itching starts and stop me from sleeping.

It’s a complete nightmare and I don’t know what to do any more.

My appointment with dermatologist is only in February and I will not accept any more steroid creams.

Any advice pls? Thanks

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Many thanks but I do not trust to "distant treatments".

Best wishes.

I would like to hope by now you have found some relief! But if still looking for suggestions, Ive found that soaps and products from the ‘Organic Care’ range don’t bother my skin on body or hands much at all which has been a blessing. For my hand/Dyshidrotic Ezcema I got suggested to use Advantan Ointment. It is a steroid, but it helps cause it softens the skin and eases the itches and likelihood of it cracking.

Only downside is can only use it once a day, something I gotta talk to my dermatologist about when go see them next but I had helped a bit. Might help you too ^^;

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