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Hello All,

Has anyone ever taken the above drug? Especially in relation to having contrast dye administered before a scan etc?

I'm about to have a CT scan and my creatinine is at 95 ( eGFR = 57) which puts me @ stage 3 CKD (brought on by chemo meds).

Having the contrast dye whilst at this stage is risky to my kidneys. It has been known that some people have been "fast tracked" to dialysis because of having this dye.

However I have heard that having a tablet of the above drug (NAC) before the dye is administered will largely diminish the toxicity of the iodine in the dye, which causes all the damage.

I am really desperate for any help you can provide on this issue.

Many thanks.

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Did you have the above and did it damage your kidneys? x


No I didn't. I didn't need the dye after all. Thankfully. But I would insist on the NAC should I find myself in a situation where I was required to have the dye.


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