Flu like symptoms

I have been feeling very I'll since Wednesday went to gp Thursday and gave me a spray for my throat and a week dose of penicillin. Today all I have done is sleep, not ate anything since Tuesday but I don't feel like eating. My temp has been around 39.

Best tell you about my conditioning have 1 kidney with cysts and a function of 17%.should I be worried and do something.

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OK. First things first, does your GP understand what kidney condition you have and what it means? Does he/she communicate with your consultant? Have you had your flu jab? Do you keep a note of your B.P.?

From a first aider point of view I am concerned. Things like flu can be a killer and should not be taken lightly! I know we have sort of spoken and I don't recall you saying anything about dialysis but I would say you have nothing to lose by getting yourself seen by an out of hours GP!! As they are not specialists make sure you explain your condition, meds, etc (I keep all that stuff on a card I can just hand over). Treat it as serious (a raised temp always is) until a kidney specialist says otherwise! (A+E staff & GPs can and do make mistakes and are not specialists* so press and always cross check!)

* When I went into A+E recently a cardiac Dr came back in to see me and was "severely worried" about me when my potassium levels were "not right". He was ready to do this & that & ..... Then I pointed out the PKD! "Oh @*# ! I best go re test then!"

Be careful, be considered but above all, don't panic!!


My gp is aware of my condition he also had a very young looking lad with who was in trading and was asking him with my condition what could I have etc. was very surprised when he didn't take my bloods or bp as I know it's high of late I was at specialist only a couple of weeks ago. The other thing is the itching has got really bad oh they are not starting dialysis till 15%


The thing is with renal issues is GP's often fail to realise how interlinked things are and a severe renal issue WILL compromise your immune system (why you get the flu jab). Seeing as a bout of legionella almost finished me off nearly a year ago, NOTHING is to be considered minor! Ask him to take bloods, checking BP should be standard, hammer those things! My GP must be sick of the sight of me but I don't care, that's his job!! He is the ONLY one who has oversight of all the strands of my life and can deal with the mental, renal, infection, etc. etc. issues and be aware of interactions!

p.s. you should ALWAYS be aware of your BP! Get a home monitor & calibrate against the GPs one every year or so. I record mine once a week to follow trends but take it more often! It's an early warning indicator!


Personally , I would start taking some paracetamol to help reduce your temperature and phone your local renal ward and speak to a doctor on there . If you are at 17% they are likely to know of you from the clinics . It will also help if they are oncerned they will probably get you straight on the ward rather than going through mau and a&e. For the itching speak to the dietician it could be down to diet.


have you had your urine tested i was very much like you have describe when i had a severe Urinary tract infection and that led to pylonephritis. Get back to gp or a&e to get checked out.

Hope you feel better soon



Ring the renal ward and talk to the Doctor!!! They may be able to get you into a Renal Clinic in the week to see someone. I rang mine once and was in clinic within 2 days.


Phoned nhs direct they told me to go straight to a&e. Excellent nurses and doctors at Fairfield in bury rushed me straight through and did all the Wright tests. Nearly keeled over when they told my function was only 11%. Thought I was drifting in and out of sleep but WA losing conscious. All from a throught infection.


Hi hope you are feeling better. Fluey symptoms are often reflective of kidney problems and of course all illnesses can affect our kidney function, even if only temporarily. One thing I would say that is great for flu and for kidneys - drink either pure or water-diluted cranberry juice. It's a great source of Vit C and other anti-oxidants and does help guard your kidneys against some types of infection. please keep an eye on yourself if you have cystic kidneys - as a fellow sufferer I can relate - and see a good personally recommended nutritionist if you can afford one that knows something about PKD and health and who will work with you and your doctors to help protect your kidney function as much as possible. I am not against dieticians but I personally feel nutritionists are more detailed and thorough in their approach and often tailor more to your personal needs - in my experience they tend to be more holistic too but you may also know a good dietician who cna offer this approach.

let me know how you get on...