Is dialysis inevitable?

I'm 30 years old and over past 6 years egfr has dropped from 62 to 27. I was born with one kidney. I have had proteinuria throughout that period.

Take meds for BP, cholesterol, b12 deficiency, anaemia. Consultants don't really give me any idea of the probable future. I know its difficult to predict progression, but i find not knowing very hard.

Any advice?

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Hi - thanks for the post.

Every potential Kidney Patient is different, and there are many factors that affect EGFR levels - ethnicity, age, gender etc - therefore the only person who can give you a guide to the progress of your condition is the Consultant - if this is bothering you, you really must press him for answers.

In the meantime, changes to your lifestyle can help slow any deterioration - they are not rocket science - just common sense - but important all the same.

Eat a healthy diet

Reduce salt intake

check your blood pressure

check your cholesterol level

Take regular exercise

Drink 2 litres of fluid a day

Many patients do not need Renal replacement therapy with EGFR readings above 15.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply. I will press my consultant at my next visit.


I would take the advice of NKFCEO, I have followed that and changed my diet and seen dramatic improvements. I will be publishing a database on diet and CKD in the next 12 months as along with the advice mentioned I have experienced significant improvements.


Hello! New to this game but saw your old post. Did you get anywhere with your database? Would be very grateful indeed for some top tips on what to avoid (apart from the obvious) and any 'safe' treats for husband with very sweet tooth! Many thanks



As they say every patient is diferent. I am 37 and also on medication for BP, cholesterol, b12 deficiency, anaemia. I got a treatment of 5 sesions of intravenous iron and my anaemia has gone for now. My egfr has been between 19 and 21 the last 6 months. My consultant explained that if I had a living donor it would be best, to do a preemtive transplant, what means they transplant you from your donnor before they stimate you will be neding dialysis. You might wanna consider that as an option or talk about it with your doctor,

Good luck!


I hope you don't mind me using your post to tell my story.

My daughter is 34 with two children 5 & 9yrs. She has had kidney disease diagnosed when she was 16 this became secondary to hypertension. Unfortunately her diseased kidney has just failed and they are preparing her for Diyalisis. I am trying to find support for her with people in similar lifestyles and age. Can anyone help?