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CKD symptoms information

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A little background before my question.

I am going through testing for what was believed to be a neurological issues, at the same time believed I had a kidney infection as I was experiencing pain in the mid back and foamy urine. I had blood taken by the GP in Feb to check for any issues and it came back normal

I was told last week that I have protein in my urine without any signs of infection and raised blood sugar.

Is it possible for kidney disease to cause muscle twitching and cramps? And if so how bad would it be to get to this stage?

Would the blood test in Feb pick something up if my kidneys weren't working properly?

I have had no other issues or symptoms with my kidneys other than kidney stones around 6 years ago.

Sorry about the long post, just looking for as much information on CKD as possible as I don't know a lot about it.


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Here is a link to information on diagnosing Chronic Kidney Disease that may be of help to you. The eGFR (estimated glomular filtration rate ) is used to diagnose CKD and determine what level you are.

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ScotBoy in reply to orangecity41


Thank you for your reply and the link. Any information is helpful if it turns out I do have kidney issues.

Would I be right in thinking that the eGFR test is something the GP would have to be specifically requested or would it be carried out as part of a standard blood test?

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orangecity41 in reply to ScotBoy

The eGFR test can be part of the CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile). You might have to request an eGFR test.

Hello. I'm a bit confused by your post. Probably my fault. But you say that you were just recently told you have protein in your urine. So obviously you had a recent urine test. So when the doctor told you this, did he not mention anything about kidney disease? Did he do a blood test at the same time? Of course it is easily possible to have a perfect test in February and then have a problem now in April. But what did your current blood test show regarding kidney's.

You need to ask what is your EGFR level?? Or ask what your Creatinine level was on your blood test?? (from that we can determine your EGFR level.

Bottom line, get back to the doctor, or call him. Get your latest blood test results and urine test results (urine test will indicate how much protein in urine).

Now, about your "symptoms".

--It is entirely possible to have foamy urine and NOT have protein in urine. Luckily over the past 4 or 5 years my urine tests have shown no protein in the urine, but my urine is ALWAYS very foamy. I mention it to my kidney doctor each visit and she says everyone wrongfully jumps to the wrong conclusion that foamy urine is protein. But she tests it and all aspects of the test are normal.

--Now about the protein. Yes that is a common indicator of something amiss in the kidneys. But it is NOT ALWAYS a sign of CKD. Several things can cause protein in the urine. Such as,

Dehydration, Inflammation, Low blood pressure, Fever, Intense activity, High stress,Kidney stones, daily aspirin , many other things.

Symptoms of protein in urine (again this does not necessarily mean CKD) are foamy urine, swelling in hands, feet, face, urinating more often, short of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, upset stomach, muscle cramps at night.

No matter what all the questions you ask are good ones and the answers can be found by a visit to the doctor. Get a new urine test (if protein, how much), a new blood test (what is creatinine level and egfr). IF the protein is still there in urine but your creatinine and egfr are normal, then likely the doctor will do a scan of the kidney and urinary tract (ultrasound) and check for inflammation and/or kidney stones.

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ScotBoy in reply to RickHow


Thank you for your reply and apologies for the confusion, I tried to fit too much into the post and missed lots of info.

Initial blood test was carried out start of Feb, all I was told was the results were normal, never really thought anymore of it as the focus was on a neurological issue

I started having pain mid back, discomfort when urinating and going more during the night beginning of April, was given antibiotics for kidney infection and urine sample was given to GP but never heard back so again assumed all was good and antibiotics would correct the issue.

Finished the course last week with no improvement so returned to GP last week to give further urine sample. This is when I was told there was protein in urine and blood glucose level was raised. I had more blood taken on Friday and I am waiting for the results coming back.

Given your advice and the previous response from Orangecity41 I will be asking for the specifics regarding the eGFR/Creatinine levels if they are available from the latest blood test.

Thank you again for your time and response. I have managed to get some really good info for the posts which was the reason for coming here.

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RickHow in reply to ScotBoy

Your additional information (increased glucose and protein in urine) help greatly. It seems you were treated for a Urinary Tract infection (which is in line with your symptoms of pain, frequent urination, etc., etc.). Antibiotics that are used to treat a UTI in males CAN cause TEMPORARY protein in urine and effect glucose level. They either lower the glucose significantly, OR raise it significantly. So it sure sounds like you have a UTI (not CKD) which your course of antibiotics has not "killed" because you still report the same symptoms. This is not common but it certainly does happen. Your doctor will either try a stronger dose or a different antibiotic. Usually a doctor, at the time of your visit will send your urine to a lab for what is called a urine culture. He may start you on an antibiotic but then find from the lab test result (takes a day or 2) call you and change your antibiotic to a different one. Perhaps your doctor did NOT do the urine culture. He probably will on your next visit. Let us know your next step.

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ScotBoy in reply to RickHow


I have received my blood test results and although I was very happy I was pretty confused until I read your post.

All bloods came back "normal" I specifically asked regarding Kidney function and was told all CKD markers were within normal range. Blood sugar was acceptable and after supplying 3 samples over the weekend all tested negative for protein, hence the confusion as to why I can still have all symptoms but the protein and Glucose had reverted back to normal until your detailed post at least offered a plausible explanation.

Regarding the urine culture this was carried out last week and no sign of infection detected.

I still have pain and discomfort around my mid back, discomfort urinating and "foamy" urine (which again you have kindly provided possible causes). So for now I will deal with the pain knowing that my Kidneys appear to be healthy. I have a follow up with the doctors next week to discuss other testing that is being carried out, if the pain is still there I will discuss it again.

Thank you again for your time and input it is very much appreciated.

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RickHow in reply to ScotBoy

Very good news all around. Kidney markers normal, protein normal, glucose normal, cultures normal. So what is left is back pain, foam in urine. As I said previously I have had foamy urine for years. MANY guys do. I never had it, nor at least noticed it or paid attention to it. I always just thought it was normal. One time I mentioned it to my elderly father. He said he too thought it was normal since he never paid attention to it. And it is not something guys talk about with each other :). No one says "is your urine foamy?" :). He never did anything about it and died in his sleep at the age of 92!Your urine tests are normal, so just forget the foam. By the way I once told my kidney doctor about it and she said what I just said, your tests are normal. I was still unsure. I see a urologist regularly (he is the one who removed my kidney in 2017). I told him I notice my urine is foamy. He replied "so?".

Back pain can be exactly that. Muscular. Disc. I actually went to the emergency room once for a similar condition. Every time I went to urinate, just right before the start of urination I got a stabbing pain on right flank. Since that was the side with my only remaining kidney I was in a state of panic. After 2 days I went to ER. Was scanned and tested. All was "normal". Sent home. After a few days it went away.

RickHow gave you good information. I had foamy urine for years too, and was always told I was dehydrated, but it never went away until I was diagnosed with CKD and adjusted my diet and my metabolic acidosis which is probably why I had foamy urine. There is never one solution to a symptom the important thing is to be sure and have regular follow-ups with your doctor to monitor for any other issues. The antibiotic may have caused the increased glucose and protein in your urine. I think men in general do not drink enough water that they should.

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