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Should I be isolating my self for 12 weeks


Hi I have Asthma and was born with only one working kidney I had treatment when I was younger dialysis but haven’t had to do anything since I was around 10 just life style changes and checkups I ve been isolating for two weeks but wondering if I should stay off work for the 12 weeks and if so how do I get a letter to say so very worried as I have two very young children just looking for some advice thanks

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Please any advice would great

Hi there Akey! I’m not a doctor, but I would suggest that you do isolate for awhile. Don’t go out if you don’t have to. Anyone with a chronic illness of any type, has a weaker immune system than those without a chronic illness. Everyone, healthy, or not as healthy, can catch the virus. The difference is that people with compromised immune systems have a lessor chance of fighting off the bad effects of the virus, which can put us at greater risk. If you’re really unsure of how you should handle this, talk to your doctor, even try a telephone health line or online doctor.

Try to do everything you can to keep away from people for the time being. I know it’s difficult, but this is only until they come up with a vaccine, which is hopefully, not too far distant. Stay safe and well. All my best to you! God bless. 😊👍🙏

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thsnks for getting back to me stay safe to you as well

You should be asking your doctor these questions.

Question, I would ask you, do you have normal creatinine and e GFR?

According to the NKF and CDC, one working well kidney does not put you at greater risk. However, if you have asthma that is a different story. That is why you need to get the advice from your doctor.

Best of luck & stay well.

Yeah that's what I was thinking about having one full working kidney I’ve had low eGFR readings a couple of years ago but I was told to make some life style changes and it seemed to work it was just a worry thst was all thanks for your advice I’ve called my doctors and iam waiting for a call back thanks again and stay safe

Hi. I too have only one kidney. An my egfr is in the stage 3a to 3b. I also am over 65. And I also am getting cancer treatments (immunotherapy). I do NOT totally isolate. But I do go out with care. I am alone. So I go to the grocery store. To the gas station (I take the occasional ride in my car, just to get out of the house for 30 minutes or so). I go to my oncologist every 3 weeks to receive my treatments. Occasionally I have to go to more than one store in a day because the shelves are usually quite empty. I go to other stores as required (for example my garbage can blew away in an awful storm, I had to go to Home Depot to buy another). On ALL these "trips" I wear a homemade mask (I've become a sewing tailor of sorts, lol), and disposable clear plastic gloves. Other than that I stay home. I do go walking each day for 30 to 40 minutes and just stay away from others who are also walking. For this I do not wear any mask or gloves. And now that weather is getting better I putter around outside. I just could not stay home every day, all day, alone. I would think all day of my cancer, my body would become weaker from lack of activity, my mind would go flat. Our chances (ckd, one kidney, in my case cancer) of catching the virus are equal to those of healthy people. In our county there are about 190,000 people. The number of cases are about 200 people, and we have suffered 10 deaths. If I lived in a more "hot spot" area I would perhaps take more precautions, but not sure what I could eliminate further.

I am not sure you should be out at all if your reviving cancer treatment i believe your at very high risk category I know what you mean though it's about keeping the mind busy as well as the body I line and work in a busy area and travel on trains for work if I were you my friend I'd try and find as much stuff to do around the house as possible try and keep in as much as you can there's services that can get food and supplies to you where I live you should check on that in your area my friend please stay safe and well cheers akey

What does your doctor say?

Reply after hearing

From him yesterday he recommended I stay home and isolate for the 12 weeks but I believe it was mostly to do with the asthma that he recommended it but he says the kidney problems played a part in his dicision thank you hope your all well thanks for the help

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