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GFR drop from 66 to 48 in 10 months. Very Concerned.


Hello, Im 41 year old male, father of 7. Last June, I had routine labs done with my PCP and my GFR at that time was 66, Creatinine 1.34 BUN/CREATININE RATIO 9, BUN 12. At that time, I experienced no symptoms. I do workout frequently and have an above average muscular build. I also supplement with Creatine, Protein powder, BCAA’s, etc. My PCP assured my that my slightly “elevated” Creatinine levels were consistent with my build.

Fast foward to approximately 4 weeks ago. Labs redone. GFR down to 48, Creatinine 1.6, BUN 16 and BUNCR 10. Other than working out, taking my normal regimen of supplements nothing else has changed up until now. I now have developed a very dry mouth (constantly) urge to urinate is in full force and I get dizzy/lightheaded easily? Also lots of bubbles in my urine.

I went back in today, off all supplements, done approximately 11 lbs, been on a primarily plant based diet for one week and have not been to the gym for 2 weeks.

Can anyone shed some light here on what might be going on? Im very concerned about the drastic change in numbers but could it be just due to my supplements and daily workout routine? HELP!! Thank you so much!

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Were you dehydrated?

Its very possible, as I was also drinking a lot of caffeinated products at the time. Since then, I’ve stopped all of them. Thank you for replying 🙂

Hi Notsure and Welcome,

There could be many factors that would be reflected in your labs. Being dehydrated is one. All those supplements will impact the kidney. Also, working out can increase creatinine levels. So its good your off the added supplements especially the creatinine and extra protein. Not sure why you were taken them, but the kidney works very hard to process protein and you may have been adding too much to your system. That could also be the bubbles in your urine.

Switching to a plant based diet is going to be beneficial for you. There is really no reason not to exercise but not to any extreme. I would see about getting new labs done in a couple of months and see what your results are. I am betting there will be an improvement.


Thanks so much for your insight! I did already retest just yesterday morning. Results to come.... I’d be thankful with “some” improvement but since its only been one week of no supplements, I dont know of it would show a “huge” improvement. The symptoms that concern me most now, are the bubbles in the urine (still) and the frequency in wanting to urinate. I have been a lot more hydrated over the past week, drinking approx 3 liters of water per day on average. Regardless of these next results, I’ll continue to lay off the supplements and meat. I’ve been very conscious of my sodium, potassium and phosphorus intake as well. Have a blessed day!!

I’m having a very similar situation. I’m older (56) but always been very healthy & no issues. Had been given diuretics for skin and my eGfr dropped from 60 to 50, creatinine 1.05 to 1.21. My urine protein & BUN-creatinine ratio normal. Saw DR yesterday. I’ve stopped diuretics meds, including any other supplements and have to wait to retest for couple of months. They are doing ultrasound Monday to rule out anything else going on (swelling, stone etc). All very nerve wracking. Drinking lots of water & healthy diet. Let us know how your bloodwork comes back.. upset I took meds without researching side effects.


What were the results of your tests? How have you been doing? Very similar case as you but i'm half your age and had a bit higher creatinine.

Ok, sorry its been hectic lately and haven’t been on here much! Just received my 3rd lab results since this May... GFR soared from 50 back up to 79 and Creatinine dropped like a rock to 1.14 from 1.67. Im really not sure how to put this into perspective, other than chalking it up to my improved diet, removing all bodybuilding supplements and hydrating up to 3-4 liters a day. I’ve reintroduced some meat into my diet and plan to resume working out (without any supplements). Will retest in approx 2-3 months to make sure things have stabilized 👍🏽

Hey man thanks for the reply. What did the nephrologist say? That’s so great your creatinine came back down to a normal range!

Do they do a creatinine clearance test.

I am hoping to see similar results once I retest

To be honest, I have a standing appointment (Aug 27th) with a nephrologist in my home town, however I may not go now. I was never diagnosed with CKD because I hadn’t received 3 consecutive months of sub 60 GFR scores. In addition, in my last 3 urinalysis, no trace of protein or blood has been found and my ultrasound came back as “unremarkable”. The nurse practitioner feels my lower scores were likely caused by bodybuilding supplements being used at the time, causing an acute kidney function. I feel great and will continue to monitor blood for the next several months

Did you do any test lately brother? how is everything?

Nothing lately. My last bloods were drawn August 8th and my GFR had climbed to 79. Havent been back since. I have a Nephrologist appointment scheduled for November 21st. Will keep ya updated then! Thanks for checkin in on me 🙏🏽😬

That's good bro, update us with any new test please. Did you do 24 hours creatinine clearance or it was not necessary?

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