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CKD associated problems

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I have heard if one has CKD, he/she must avoid over-tiredness, avoid common cold, avoid any sort of infections, avoid cold temperature...because any of the mentioned above will result in rapid kidney damage and worsen the situation.

Is that true? I am very concerned.

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Well yes it is always best to avoid anything that will cause your kidneys to have to work harder and have a negative impact on your body so that includes stress, getting too tired and other people who have contagious illness. In some kidney conditions an immune system response to illness such as a chest infection actually attacks the kidneys and can cause a rapid decline. That said practically it is impossible to avoid these things completely but taking steps to mimermise them where you can only be a good thing.

Personally I have never heard of any of these being things we should avoid. I will have to mention this at some of my future appointments. In fact my doctors urge me to get outside. To walk, no matter the weather. To keep active (nothing about avoiding getting too tired). I will ask. And I have just one kidney. The only restrictions mentioned to me are recommendations on what food to keep within limits and to drink water, water, water. But they all advise me to live a normal life. I am stage 3. As my oncologist tells me, I have a choice. To sit, worry constantly, avoid life, avoid normal activities and perhaps (and it is only a perhaps) extend your life a year, two. OR for all the years you have left (and no one knows with CKD at stage 3, it could normal life span, or not) live them, enjoy them, and just use common sense. But I will be sure to ask them about the things you mentioned.

I have not heard of taking such extreme measures but I do have the flu jab on the recommendation of my dr as ckd puts me in a higher risk group. I agree with Rickhow that we want to live a normal a life as possible.

I know my doctor told me if I got the flu it would take me into dialysis so to get the flu shot. Of course I had to prod the information out of him! So I would say, get flu shot . You don’t have to become a hermit tho! Of course if you know someone is sick, stay away.

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Teshie27 in reply to Bunkin

Is your gfr that low that you would be taken into dialysis once you get flu?

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Bunkin in reply to Teshie27

That’s what he said, though I’m pretty sure I had the flu in July. Was really sick for a week and it took weeks to get over. Don’t know if it was flu but sure felt like it

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Teshie27 in reply to Bunkin

Is he a nephrologist?

what's your gfr then?

Yes he is. My GFR is 8. It’s been 8 the last 3 times I went.

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SamuelChin in reply to Bunkin

Are you on dialysis yet? or waiting for a transplant?

Hi, no I’m not on dialysis yet. I was put on transplant list about a year and a half ago. I take many supplements, try to walk a mile a day and limit sodium, phosphorus and potassium. If I can help you in any way, please let me know

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