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CKD Stage 3b Echogenicity


69 year old male. Kidney removal July 2017 (tumor on that kidney). Prior to removal egfr, all tests, normal. Immediately after removal and to this day egfr range 39 to 43. Creatinine level 1.7. See kidney doctor and urologist as scheduled. Both say my numbers are normal for my age and solitary kidney. In some people, especially younger, it is normal for the remaining kidney to enlarge and handle the additional workload and produce better numbers, but my results are common too. Had an ultrasound before operation, no mention of problem with remaining kidney except for a large clear cyst. Ultrasound 6 months after removal. No mention of any problem on remaining kidney except for the same cyst. Now on one year anniversary the ultrasound report (which we access via a portal) had errors. It said I had a mastectomy (but I am male). It reported something called "increased echogenicity of renal cortex indicating sequelae of long standing renal disease". I called radiology. They said it must be an error (can you imagine?). Two days later they published a new report just removing the mastectomy but still saying echogenicity. I ultrasound was ordered by my urologist who I do not see until next month. But I called the kidney doctor. They said it means there is scarring on my right kidney caused from long standing disease. That my kidney is "not healthy". But there is no treatment. I asked will it get worse, is it bad? The reply was "it could". That is it! I questioned the accuracy of the report. If this scarring is long standing, then why was it never reported in a prior report???? If it truly was not there 6 months ago, and it is shows now, doesn't this mean it is aggressive? The reply was they never saw the previous reports (because I was not seeing them at that time, only the urologist). Anyone have any input on echogenicity suddenly showing!!!

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