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Antibiotics not working on UTI


I’m a 22 year old female, early January I started to feel some sort of burning after urinating after having intercourse, I had never dealt with anything of the sort so I ignored it and moved on with my life, burning sensation went away after a while, but then I got into a relationship started having intercourse and symptoms came back ~ at some point early February I couldn’t have intercourse with my boyfriend anymore because it was painful. With the intercourse pain, even more frequent than ever need to urinate came, every 30-50 minutes I felt the need to empty my bladder which became a problem as soon as it affected my sleep and daily activities.

I decided to see a doctor, they said it was a typical UTI and sent me home with antibiotics, I was happy I was finally gonna be able to sleep, enjoy my daily activities and have intimacy with my boyfriend again. Well I was wrong, the antibiotics did nothing, doctor told me to go back next week for a follow up, told them the antibiotics did not work and sent me home again with new antibiotics and did a lab urine test. Went back just last week, same symptoms, frequent need to urinate, slight burning. She just told me that it was E coli and that the antibiotics should work, the urine test results came back with nothing except e coli and some blood which was probably because I was on my period.

She gave me 3 more days of antibiotics and told me to call them if I still had problems.

Is been a week and still having the same darn symptoms if not even worse, I cry almost every night this need to urinate every hour is annoying. Doctors were useless and I don’t know what to do anymore..

Sex hurts, I can’t sleep well and it affects my mood a lot. I tried changing my diet, drinking a lot of water, cranberry juice, vitamin C but nothing ):

I had never dealt with anything like this before and I’m terrified it extends to something more serious ): symptoms are:

Frequent Urination (every 30mins-1hr)

Slight burning before peeing (not after and no blood)

Painful Sex

Some cramping (recently)

What should I do? Please help me ):

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If me, I would get another opinion, see a urologist or kidney doctor. Possibly an ultrasound, CAT scan or renal function test. Your kidney might not be emptying completely. Mine wasn’t and it was a stone, but I didn’t have any pain or symptoms.

hi sister has the same problem for years you need to see specialist for advice..ask to see a specialist and pay to be seen well spent.regards chris

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