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Antihypertensives and high Bp


I’m just looking what doses of different antihypertensive medications people are on? Whether that be calcium channel blockers (amlodopine, felodopine etc) or beta blockers (bisoprolol, labetalol)

I’m wondering because my blood pressure is currently uncontrollable, I was admitted last week with seizures, had to be resuscitated and placed in a coma and had a Bp of around 210/160, under sedation my Bp normalised. I’ve been awake for a few days and on 400mg of labetalol, 18mg of Doxysosin and nefidipine 20mg and it’s still 180/110 on average. Anyone got any similar experiences.

Im 21 and 60kg

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Sorry to hear of your current issues. I've only had one occurrence of a BP reading as high as yours. It was after a two-week stint on Lisinopril. I went to a local ER and found my potassium was high and climbing. They stopped the Lisinopril and brought the potassium down. A week later I saw another doctor and was placed on 10 mg of Amlodipine. That was in Jan. of 2016 and my BP is now under control.

Keep in mind that what others may take to control BP shouldn't be compared to you. Each person is different and will react as such to different meds and varied dosages. Check with your doctors before you continue and/or switch to a different medication. The final decision should be yours. Your current situation as you stated sounds like there may be lots of underlying issues and it may be a trial to find the correct medications at the right dosages. If you don't keep the doctors informed they may think things are okay until your next visit or trip to the hospital.

Good luck.


Oh don’t worry I’m still in the hospital but they are completely miffed. I do suffer from high potassium but at the minute it’s a steady 4.5. I can’t take amlodopine as if causes severe pereferal oedema but I understand what you’re saying about everyone different. I totally agree.


Sorry to hear this Beanbag5. When my right kidney died and the left one started to pack up 13 years ago I ended up in hospital and my blood pressure was 254/154 mmHg. I was put on Ramipril 5 mg twice a day. My latest blood pressure reading two weeks ago was 120/77 mmHg. Hope you get yours under control.



I used to be on ramipril. The gold standard on BP control in my opinion. Very effective, however if like me you can control your potassium it can’t be used but thanks for sharing your meds :)

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No problem. Hope you get sorted out soon. x


Hi, I'm new to this wonderful informative website. It's not me that has been diagnosed with ckd but my mother. I seem to get more answers on here than her Neprhologist unfortunately. I don't know this will help and you should always consult your gp before taking any advice on here but my mums ckd seems to be caused by hypertension. On doing a bit of research as we all do online I found that apparently natural alternatives to bp medication. Beetroot and using a stressball to squeeze I've heard can lower bp by the same amount as some medication. Again, I'm not a doctor so don't take any advice without consulting one.

I just find it strange people don't seem to be informed of these alternatives. Hope you get better soon.


Maybe if I was slightly hypertensive them small changes would maybe make a bit of difference but I don’t think beetroot would stop a blood pressure that causes seizures other wise everyone would be eating it! Thanks for the advice though.


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