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Improving kidneys through Wahl's Protocol

Has anyone tried the Wahl's Protocol diet? It's looking like I have IgA Nephropathy - an autoimmune that inflames the kidneys (I just have to confirm with biopsy tomorrow). I'm currently stage 3a.

I'm thinking allergy to various foods is possibly triggering this. I've had lots of sinus and skin based allergies my whole life, so it makes sense that my organs are inflaming too. Hyperactive tissues!

The Wahl's Protocol was designed for MS but is supposed to help other autoimmune disorders too, by eliminating allergy triggers like wheat, dairy and sugar, and pumping the body full of nutrients. It's paleo.

From reading reviews, it seems quite powerful - has anyone here tried this approach to improve kidney function?

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Hello, I have IgA Nephropathy too. My kidney function is around about 15% now. I have not heard of Wahl's protocol but I will look it up now. I hope the biopsy goes well tomorrow.

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Hi, I have not heard of it either, but I pretty much live the low carb way. No breads, pastas, not many grains...just for some fiber. Therefore a lot of sugars are eliminated. That is just what works for me. I also try to keep in mind fruits and vegetables recommended on the kidney diet. A lot of medicines can weaken kidneys. Also, I drink at least. 100 ounces of water a day. I had a very painful kidney stone that doctor thinks had been in there awhile causing damage. Great luck!!


I had not heard of this prior, but I would be a little hesitant to try this as it looks heavy on protein which is hard on the kidneys. I also have IGA N with multiple food and environmental intolerances. Prior to being diagnosed, I was searching for ways to get rid of all of my symptoms which I was attributing to allergies and a poor immune system. I went of a GAPS diet which is similar to the one you are suggesting. It was during that time that I started having hematuria and looking back, my GFR was the lowest at that point which I wonder if it had to do with the high protein diet I was consuming at the time. Also, there were many veggies and fruits that I was consuming which I didn't know at the time I was intolerant to.

I would proceed with caution.

I will send you a private message about all the things I have learned and am doing for IGA N as I've written it on the forum too many times and it is lengthy.

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