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New bloodwork???

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Hello there!! I had some blood work done last week. I am 32 years old. Never had issues with blood work before but my father had diabetes with stage 4 kidney disease along with many other problems and passed away last year from kidney failure. My creatine kinase level is 198. A1C was 5.8 but it looks like the GFR level is normal at 97. I made an appt with my PCP and showed them the results. They did not give me any advice whatsoever actually didn't even mention any of it. Should I be worried? Or anything? They made it seem like it was nothing meanwhile I'm thinking I'm gunna have diabetes like my dad. Any thoughts?

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Hi and Welcome

I've had Type 2 Diabetes for 17 years but now I'm controlling it with diet and exercise. My last A1C is 4.9. A few months ago I also found that I had Stage 3 CKD. I changed a lot of eating habits almost 2 years ago to lose a significant amount of weight and when I found out that I had to deal with CKD I made an appointment with a Renal Dietitian. Now all of the foods I had been eating that allowed me to lose the weight are not kidney-friendly. I've had to make another switch to foods that are easier for my kidneys to deal with. Weight loss has severely slowed but I'm also delaying the inevitable (dialysis).

You are in a fairly good place. You can be very proactive and get yourself set for any eventuality. Next time you get labs done have them test your sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and protein levels. Be aware of what you eat with regard to those items as they will be your best indicator of a declining GFR. You sound like you have a good handle on diabetes so just continue to monitor your A1C. Also be mindful of sudden unexplained increases or decreases in your weight along with any changes in your urine output.

You just have an opportunity to stay ahead of any potential problems so be proactive and make the changes you need to continue to stay healthy.

Hi, great luck. My creatinine number is 123 and my doctor is really watching it. I am switching foods, more on the kidney diet. I too have lost weight and exercise and many are foods I didn’t eat before. I am dairy free and rarely have protein. Both of those can cause issues. I was going to fix fish the other day, of which I could eat before and the fish is off the chart with potassium,sodium, and I think maybe phosphorus. Either way, I need to get rid of it. My food choices seem very slim. Great luck. You can search the Internet about kidney diet items. It can be tricky. I had switched to almond milk, even that has sodium and potassium, so I went to coconut milk

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