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Okay guys, I just came back from my doctors office and he explained to me that my egfr is 51 and that all my other blood work looks normal he believes MTV stage 3 has appeared because I don't drink water. I mean I drink it but not how I'm suppose to drink it.. I'm still waiting on my diabetes diabetes test to return .. so even all the blood work the hospital did they didn't check my egfr level.... my doctor said he is not worried about it and I should not either .. he told me to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice come back in 6 weeks to retake the test and he believes my levels will come up a bit...

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Sounds like a good plan for now, to go back in 6 weeks and see how levels turn out. Depending on what your levels are, can go from there. You might consider a second opinion if needed.

Yes i was going to get a second opinion..

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Mr_Kidney in reply to Debra1013

How is this for a second opinion? It's your kidneys and not the doctors. While I would be thrilled at this point to have a GFR of 51, I would immediately look at kidney-friendly meals. Not to worry but in the past, I've had a 14 point drop in my GFR over 8 weeks. The best case scenario is that your GFR holds or gets higher and you've done nothing further to hurt your kidneys. The worst case is that your GFR drops and you might have prevented it with 6 weeks of healthy meals.

I mentioned previously that the Davita website has some excellent recipes for kidney-friendly meals. They also list the breakdown of all harmful items from each recipe. If you do find out you have diabetes these recipes will also tell you if they are beneficial to someone with diabetes. If your recent labs are okay then you need to ask what brought your GFR down to a 51?

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Debra1013 in reply to Mr_Kidney

He believes it's because I don't drink water .. I'm not a soda person but a coffee girl.. that's what I would drink and only 1 large cup would last me all day that was the only fluids I was having maybe at night I would sip on water but not much

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Janebuckle in reply to Debra1013

Hi Debra. In April I discovered my egfr was 51 too. I had a second test a week later and drank lots of water the day before, and my number went up to 55. Since then I've cut down on salt, drank much more water, increased my exercise and generally lost as much weight as possible. Within three months my result was 61, which is okay for my age, apparently (I'm 49). I'm continuing along the same path with regards to salt/water/exercise and hope to keep my numbers up. I hope it goes well for you. Keep us posted :)

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Debra1013 in reply to Janebuckle

Thank you I'm praying that all will go well next month when I get rechecked .. everyone on here has been so great 😁 i will keep everyone posted on my results

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LaureenD in reply to Mr_Kidney

I love the recipes on favorite is the "no tomato salsa" and the " pineapple salsa"..

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Mr_Kidney in reply to LaureenD

I'm going out on a limb here but I do have a reason for asking. How long have you been on the kidney-friendly diet? Have you lost weight? (I'm not asking for your weight number, just if they are helping you keep off lbs.)

My reason for asking is that prior to finding out I had CKD I had been on a diet and exercise regime and had lost 130 lbs. Since the summer I've been on the kidney-friendly diet and only lost 4 more pounds. All of the foods I was eating before finding out I had CKD were not good for me. Now that I'm eating only kidney-friendly meals my weight loss has dramatically slowed. Just curious if anyone else has run into this.

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LaureenD in reply to Mr_Kidney

When I first started the kidney diet in January, I weighed 169 pounds and out in October I weigh 147 pounds .

I don't add any salt to my food. And I got rid of all the processed food I had in my cabinets. I can only have 6 ounces of protein a day. There's a whole list of vegetables/ fruits that I cannot eat including Potito's and tomatoes. Boy do I miss those!

I also have to do low phosphorus, no potassium too..

I have stayed the same weight now for about a month so I guess I've lost the weight that I'm going to Lowe's. And I'm happy with that. I went down two sizes woo hoo! Hope that helps!

Hang in there!

I have similar diet and is working. Have been on it since Feb 2016. Yes we all have to hang in there!

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Sally10255 in reply to Debra1013

I am drinking st least 100 ounces of water a day, pretty much no dairy, and more. I was also drinking water but not drinking water.I am hoping once stone comes out, that will help. See if you can t a creatinine level and gfr. So many doctors seem to be ignoring numbers. I think it is really affecting so, high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol...that affects a lot.

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Debra1013 in reply to Sally10255

Do you have Ckd or just kidney stones

My ckd numbers are not correlating to my diet and exercise pretty much no matter what I do. So yes, the creatinine and cud are showing that. We are just trying to figure out why. My husband also has ckd numbers, he doesn’t eat and exercise as I do, but we are both in a cholesterol statin...which can also have a connection. The stones are suspected from symptoms and will be determined by scan. If so another test and removal in outpatient or .

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