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Help with CKD 3

I have ckd3. Big shock on a routine trip to docs. Had high BP since my twenties My GFR dropped to 41. Lost 3 stone and now hardly drink alcohol and on healthy diet. Been referred to specialist GFR now back to 48. No blood or protein in urine. Had ultrasound that was normal. Creatin 103. Immunology and myeloma came back negative. what is normal creatin

I am unsure what else I can do to raise my GFR and any advice as to why GFR drops

Going back for more blood tests in 6 weeks

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Hi, your doctor should give you a copy of your lab values and it will list the "normal range" for the lab where the testing was done. If you would like more specific information on the testing try this site, labtestsonline.org

Based on what you did not say, I'd suggest stop smoking (if you do), exercise is critical, just don't do anything too strenuous as that can raise your creatinine level. You didn't say how much you did drink but I'd suggest cutting it way down if not out altogether and consuming more water. Best of luck.


Thank you.

I have got the report but I can’t see that on it

I have never smoked. I used to drink two bottles of wine a week. Which I know is far too much. Since Oct I have drank at the most 1 a month. I do a lot of walking


Not having the range of your lab reports must be a UK thing. Here in the USA, I've had them on all of mine. Go to the website I provided and you should find generic test ranges there based on each test. However, those are based on labs in the USA so they may not be doable for you. Sorry.


Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. How possible is it to raise GFR.


First, I have to say that a lot of elements go into the raising and lowering of someone's GFR. There is no cure for CKD and there is a limit as to how much you can raise it. Once you have damaged your kidneys there is no going back.

Diet, exercise, and avoid smoking and drinking. Since you are doing that the next issue is drugs. Be wary of what you take. Even some antibiotics can cause a slide in your GFR. Even in the right drug but the wrong dosage, damage can be done. I use a website drugs.com to check all my meds prescribed to me. Even though the nephrologist is aware of the conflicts, I make sure that the other doctors don't prescribe the wrong meds or the right med at the wrong dosage. Several months ago I stopped having any doctor call in a script until I check the website for any negative effects regarding CKD and other health issues. They don't ask why I want the script instead of having them call it in, and I don't have to explain that it's my health and I have the right to know what I'm taking and any possible consequences. It's worked well for me so far and after I ran a check on all the meds I was taking I was able to drop some and have dosages chained on others and my GFR went from 35 up to 51 and since then it has gone down a bit to 45. My next labs for GFR aren't until the end of March so I won't do anything to cause a further drop if I can help it.

Something else I found out through my nephrologist is that if any doctor asks me to take a CT Scan or another similar test I do it without contrast. If you have CKD and take a scan with the contrast you run the risk of going right to ESRD. From what else I have learned they are in clinical trials to develop a contrast that won't make it worse for those with CKD. The last newsletter I received said that Phase II of the trails was going slowly.

Finally, don't celebrate little successes by going off your kidney-friendly diet. I can't trust restaurants to prepare the food as I ask so I had to stop going out to eat. It was hard at first but the way I see it is that doing all I can keep me healthier longer and also off dialysis.


I was told about the drugs. The only thing I take now is paracetamol if I’m desperate. I did used to though. I am on lisinopril benfuzuride and bisinsprol for my blood pressure

It sounds like I just need to carry on following a healthy diet lots of water excercise and keep any eye on my blood pressure

At the moment my specialist is doing two more lots of bloods end of March and looking into what caused the dip

Good luck with your bloods and thank you so much for all the advice

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Very good information Mr Kidney. I too use www. Drugs.com for interactions with meds, and check with Primary Doctor on any medicine change or dosage change by Specialists.

Thanks for info on contrast CT scan. Something to be aware of. There is so much to CKD.


Hi Mr_Kidney

I ve read your message about medication. I got the letter from my doctor who wants to prescribe the Tolvaptan for my treeatmet of PKD. Have you heard about this medicine please? In February I have appointment for MRI test hope this is safe for Kidney.

Thank you for your comments.


Use drugs.com to check your meds. Sometimes the interactions may be with some related health issue that can cause a problem with CKD. Any test using a contrast can be an issue. Check with your nephrologist. It's been my experience that PCP's aren't aware of the issue with contrast and CKD.


Hi Briffa

Normal Creatine is <90 For kidney problem stage 3 my doctor told me that normal BP should be 125/75

I am in the same situation like you are Creatine 102 and BFR 51 I also trying to find out how to change my BFR ....

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Hi Bibabi

Thank you for your help re the creatine.

I have only just been referred to a specialist so more tests

From what I can make out the readings can vary daily and so many factors contribute to this.

Let’s hope we can get our GFR up


120/80 used to be the "gold standard" for a normal BP reading. Recently, there was a study done and I've attached the link to one report from that study. It's not too technical and offers some insightful information.



I too have Ckd stage 3. GP told me not to eat bananas or tomatoes but other than that very little advice. Best wishes. LIZ


Hi Lizzypur

I had heard about the tomatoes. But not bananas. Thank you

Yes I’m under a specialist and he didn’t specify anything. Just eat healthy


What do you mean by a healthy diet? There are all kinds of diets called healthy, but that does not mean healthy for ckd. Low protien, low sodium, low potassium and low phosphorous seem to be what is needed to help those of us with ckd.

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I have lost 3 stone by following a mainly veg diet. Low sodium. I try my best with with the phosphorus and potassium I am still trying to educate myself.


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